Are beans good for dogs?

Yes. . Beans can be part of a dog’s healthy diet. Beans are high in fiber and contain some protein. Beans are a good treat for dogs. This means that beans should not exceed 10 percent of the dog’s daily calories. Beans can have high calories, so you shouldn’t feed your dog too many. What … Read more

You can get Compensation for dog bite injury if you hire a competent lawyer

If a dog or other animal has bitten you, consult with an attorney. You may be able to receive compensation for your injuries and damages inflicted on you. A recent study showed that if American’s paid the full cost of their home owner’s insurance, without business tax credits and subsidies, that homeowners rates would almost … Read more

Returning Back to the Office? 6 Tips for Finding a Good Dog Walker

As the world returns to life on a more “normal” scale, more and more businesses are requiring their employees to return to the office. As you spend less time at home, you’re probably wondering how your dog will get the exercise they need, especially if you adopted your pup during Covid and don’t have a … Read more

Ways to Calm Your Dog’s Stress

Just like people, dogs can get stressed out. Dogs may become stressed for a number of different reasons and experience stress to varying degrees. Whatever the cause or intensity of your dog’s stress, you surely want to find a solution that helps your dog to be more relaxed and happier. Here’s what you need to … Read more