3 Reasons to Be Concerned About Tiny Roaches

Roaches aren’t nice bugs to have in the house, and you want to keep them out of your home at all costs. Yet, you might be seeing tiny roaches on the regular.

Are you concerned that there might be a bigger roach lurking around? We want to give you an idea as to why you might have roaches around, and why you might want to take action and get them away from your home.

Ready to know about the top three reasons to worry about tiny roaches? Then read on for our guide on why you might want to take action.


1. Rapid Reproduction

These roaches tend to have shorter life cycles than larger species. This means that they can rapidly reproduce, resulting in a large population of roaches in a short period.

Reproduction also allows roaches to adapt to many different environments. The more heat and moisture they’re exposed to, the faster they will breed. Their small size can be especially difficult to spot, allowing the population to grow unnoticed until it is too large to effectively address.

German roaches, for example, can produce up to 8 eggs at a time and up to 900 eggs a year. Female roaches can start laying eggs shortly after mating and can live up to 192 days.

Some species of roaches can survive up to a month without food or water. With so many things going in their favor, it’s no wonder why they can spread so quickly. The population can get out of hand quickly if not managed early on. 

2. Health Risks

These resilient roaches are difficult to get rid of and can cause a wide variety of health problems. They are known to carry and transmit a variety of bacteria, viruses, and allergens, including those that cause asthma and eczema.

Roaches can also cause food poisoning, as they thrive in the same places where food is stored and prepared. They spread disease-causing organisms directly into food, as their saliva, droppings, and shells contain bacteria that can get into food.

Many people are repulsed by their presence, producing stress and feelings of uncleanliness. It’s important to be aware of the health risks associated with these roaches and take preventative action to avoid these risks.

3. Property Damage

Roaches can damage carpets, wallpapers, fabrics, furniture, and books. Roaches can cause electrical problems, gnaw on wires, and even short out appliances.

These little creatures are known to chew through insulation and wood, leaving damage in their wake. They also leave a sticky residue on surfaces and furniture, which can attract other pests, like ants. 

Roaches produce droppings and their eggs can be difficult to remove from items and surfaces. Belongings stored in areas infested with roaches run the risk of being damaged and need to be moved and cleaned.

Sealing any entry points and removing food sources will help reduce the roaches. To get rid of cockroaches, calling in professional pest control is the most effective way of dealing with a serious roach infestation.

A Guide to Reasons You Should Take Action About Tiny Roaches

It’s important to be aware of the presence of tiny roaches. Don’t wait until there’s an infestation to take action, be proactive in managing and preventing them.

By reading this guide, you can take the necessary steps to help remove them if found. Take control and eliminate this pest from your home today!

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