5 Cool Ways to Help Your Indoor Cat Get More Exercise

You may choose to restrict your cat inside for various reasons, including safeguarding it from external dangers, preserving the welfare of local wildlife, or avoiding the spread of contagious illnesses like FIV. Cats that live indoors only must frequently exercise to stay healthy and content because they are unable to let off steam by running outside.

Indoor cats are pretty susceptible to gaining weight. You must provide them with the chance to exercise because they do not have as many opportunities as their outdoor equivalents. Being naturally energetic, cats will play or even move throughout if given the opportunity.

cat eying a tasty house plant

Your cat can get a sufficient amount of exercise in just a few minutes, several times every day. Being nocturnal by nature, cats may respond better to activities you engage in before sunrise and after sunset, if you’re an early person or perhaps a night owl. If you own a cat who keeps running around and creating sound amid the night, it’s mainly a good idea to get some exercise before bed.

Consider the things you can undertake with your cat while keeping in mind that they are also born hunters. Any sport or activity where they have to stalk their “target” will likely catch their attention.

Why do cats need to do exercises?

Check out the list beneath that has been put together of the reasons why cats ought to exercise more:

  • Cats are known for their love of napping, but they also need to exercise regularly to stay fit and cheerful.
  • Your cat’s likelihood of getting diseases like diabetes, obesity, and even arthritis will be lower if it stays healthy and active.
  • Exercise is essential for your cat’s mental well-being since it keeps them from being bored and lets them engage in everyday behaviors.
  • Play is a beautiful method to get your cat moving and strengthen your relationship with them.

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Exercises for Indoor Cats:

There are numerous methods you may use to encourage your domestic cat to stay active. Below is a compilation of a list of recommendations:

  1. Regulated access to the outside:

Even though your cat must remain indoors, they could still spend time outside in a safe setting. Creating a “catio” (cat patio) could be a way to allow your pet admission to the outside while still keeping them inside.

A “catio” is a safe, enclosed enclosure typically affixed to the owner’s home and allows your cat to enter and exit freely. When that isn’t possible, you might also make it a regular spot where you let your cat outside. It keeps your cat protected, secure, and connected to your home while allowing them to appreciate being outside.

Another choice is to teach them to roam while wearing a harness, which will let them risk-free and appreciate the outdoors. Don’t anticipate being prepared to guide or drag your cat for just a jog when you’re out strolling; instead, follow them around on a very loose collar as they roam, steering or walking them away from possible dangers while using the lead as a reserve in case of emergencies.

  1. A lot of playthings and time:

It’s crucial to interact with your cat as often as possible, but domestic cats require it even more. They may not engage in many of their natural tendencies if they do not have unrestricted access to the outdoors to hunt and chase. They’ll be less inclined to assault your socks and scratch your sofa if you engage alongside them and encourage them to get everything out of their systems. You keep things exciting for your interior cat, be sure to switch up and rotate their toys routinely.

Cats hunt and chase in spurts, so play periods should last five to ten minutes, including breaks to let your cat collect their breath. Schedule numerous sessions each day. To give your cat the impression that they “earned” their food, serve them shortly after a gaming session.

Although you adore your cat, you would not want to engage with it all day. The ideal approach for cats to exercise and have fun is with a cat exercise wheel. The following are a few of them if you consider a cat’s spinner to be a fantastic way to seek the most excellent custom cat wheel:

  • Spin Kitty Cat Wheel by Penn Plax
  • PawHut Round Cat Tree with Hamster Wheel
  • One exercise wheel for a fast cat

If a cat wheel is big enough for them to rest on while they travel to the outside edge safely, cats will enjoy it. Naturally, your cat might be reluctant to use the wheel initially, but try bribing them with something like a treat.

  1. A lot of scrubbing:

Cats enjoy scratching both inside and outside. They must do that to preserve the health of their claws. Indoor cats can require a few more places to scratch throughout the house. To make it more exciting for your pet, you may buy several kinds of cat scratchers in addition to the conventional “scratching post.” Search for various areas to scratch; sisal, wood, cardboard, or carpet are all possibilities. Try to figure out what your cat likes to dig its claws into because every cat has a particular preference.

  1. Several topics to investigate:

In addition, you can give them a tonne of new locations to explore. You could even purchase unique cat bedding, but several cats might even enjoy exploring cardboard boxes.

Please make sure that they can play on a variety of levels. You can buy enormous cat trees and climbers that provide spaces for the cats to hide and perch. For your cat to create the most of your area, you might even build cabinets and runways on the walls.

  1. Problem solvers:

Feeder puzzles are excellent for combining food and activity. Your indoor cat can benefit from practicing hunting and mental exercise as well as a nice reward. Remember that to prevent your cat from being bored; it’s crucial to keep them engaged mentally and physically.

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