3 of the Best Apps That Will Help You Train Your Dog

As the famed, and now cliched maxim goes, dogs are a man’s best friend. These loyal creatures help us protect our houses, keep us company, shepherd our cattle, keep predators at bay, sniff out bombs, facilitate people with special needs and so many other things that we cannot hope to summarize in a single passage.

And it is no wonder that mankind has been living with these creatures for over five thousand years. What’s even more intriguing is that the domestication of dogs started out simultaneously in different corners of the world without any coordination between the initial tamers. That tells just how essential these animals have been to mankind’s progress from the very start.

woman training dog

And even though modern man does not have as many needs for these canine creatures as our primordial ancestors our obsession with dogs has only increased. From pop culture to parks, you can find mentions of dogs and their legendary loyalty everywhere.

Moreover, it’s not just people who are obsessed with dogs, the love is fully bi-directional. Veterinary scientists have suggested that a dog’s brain releases oxytocin when they see their owners. For those who do not know, oxytocin is the same chemical a human being’s brain releases when they fall in love or eat chocolate, pleasurable right?

But just because human beings and dogs have an innate and ancient love for each other, does not mean that these animals are easy to train. They are animals after all and meat eaters on top of that, and there is no shortage of cautionary tales of individuals who have paid the price of not properly handling their pets.

Properly training dogs requires a fair amount of effort, time, and energy. There are certain well-defined tried and tested tricks and techniques that people have been deploying for ages to train their canine friends to perfection. In short, trainers themselves need training on how to properly train their dogs.

There is no shortage of guidebooks and dossiers that can be utilized in this regard. But in the internet age relying on these print-based solutions seems a bit ancient. The online world is choked full of video tutorials, dedicated blog sites, and other platforms which provide in-depth insight into canine training.

Moreover, app stores of both categories have several amazing apps that offer a step-by-step and detailed analysis of the whole process. All you need is an internet-enabled device like a smartphone, a laptop, or a desktop PC and a fast-enough internet connection.

But a fair word of warning. If you use a slug-paced internet connection while utilizing these apps, you will not be able to make the best out of them. Most of these apps require constant connectivity to the internet to be able to function properly and a slow internet connection could destroy the entire experience.

So, before you jump towards installing these apps you should take out the time to figure your broadband situation out. Try getting a connection from an established internet service provider (ISP) like Spectrum. In addition to providing lightning-pace connectivity, Spectrum’s services are famous for being very reliable.

Now, that you have a good internet connection that will facilitate your quest, let’s move on to a discussion about these apps.

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The Dogo app tops our list because of the sheer number of features it has to offer. The app comes with an amazing repository of videos, text content, and image guidelines that will keep you and your furry friend engaged for long periods.

The most unique feature of the app is its online video exam. You can upload a video of your dog performing a certain trick and have it reviewed by professional trainers and expect feedback.

The app offers a 7-day free trial following which trainers have to be willing to pay for one of three paid versions.


The Puppr app owes its popularity to the fact that it’s completely free of charge. The app offers almost every feature that the previous entry on the list has to offer. We said almost because some key features are missing out.

The app does not provide access to any form of a professional trainer and relies on your research acumen to get the job done.


Good Pup is an advanced dog training app that will directly put you in touch with a personal trainer who will provide you and your dog with one on one sessions.

The app is obviously on the expensive side but is worth every penny you spend on it.

dog geting a treat

Final Thoughts

Dogs form an essential part of our lives. But despite our best intentions not all of us are properly equipped to handle them or to train them. First-time trainers should not try to wing it because they could end up seriously harming themselves or their animals.

It’s better to utilize some of the resources mentioned above instead of trying to reinvent the wheel.

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