3 Tips for Getting a Dog from a Shelter

Every year, there are about 3.3 million dogs enter shelters. Sadly, over 670,000 of those dogs get euthanized. If you’re looking for a dog to bring home, why not get them from your nearest dog shelter?

Still, there’s a lot to consider when getting a new dog from a shelter. Finding a dog that fits your lifestyle is vital to ensure that it will remain by your side for a long time.

So, are you ready to adopt a new pet friend? Keep reading as we discuss the tips for getting a new furry friend from a shelter.

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  1. Decide Which Type of Dog Suits You

Determining you want to save a shelter dog is a big step, but it’s not enough to ensure you are ready to bring home one. While you may have your heart set on a dog breed, it’s vital to research ahead to know the traits and qualities of that breed and decide if it will suit you.

Below are examples of the things you need to consider in choosing the best dog for you:

Flexibility and Lifestyle

What is your everyday lifestyle? What changes do you want to make to adjust for your dog? Which changes you’re not willing to make when getting a new dog?


How will your family get affected by the new furry addition? Ensure that your older relatives, small children, and loved ones don’t have allergies.

Physical Care

Different dogs need different levels of physical maintenance and grooming. Are you willing to invest some time with your new pet friend?

Dog Size 

Doggies come in different sizes and it’s best to find one that matches your lifestyle and home. Would an extra-large, medium, or small dog be right for you?

Activity level 

Activity levels may differ between particular dogs and dog breeds. Learn how much activity your dog will require before going for it.

Also, there are other factors like budget, breed, age, sociability, personality, housing, and more. So take time before you start the adoption method, and you’ll be ready to get your forever friend.

Rescue Dog

  1. Visit Your Local Animal Rescue Center

When getting a dog, it can be best for your community to get a shelter dog from your local animal rescue center. Dogs in animal rescue sometimes suffer abandonment or tough lives from their last owners.

You could do good by saving a shelter dog. Search online or ask for a specific dog breed from your local animal rescue. Consider checking out A Dogs Love – with their mission to find all dogs the best home!

  1. Know the Dog You Want

When meeting prospective shelter dogs, follow these tips. Observe the dog’s behavior from far away. Look out for the dog’s mood, energy level, actions, sounds, body posture, and sociability with some dogs and humans.

Spend some time together in a separate, quiet room. See if the dog is friendly and outgoing, and try to understand them if you see them acting nervous, biting, or barking.

Finally, take a walk with the dog and explore different places. Some dogs may behave differently indoors than outdoors or in a quiet vs busy place.

Getting a Dog from a Shelter

Determining and knowing which type of dog you want is critical if you’re looking to adopt a dog from a shelter. Even if these dogs show signs of neglect or abuse, they are still loyal and loving and deserve a good life. So if you finally bring home your new furry friend, welcome him into your life and be the best dog owner.

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