A Classic Guide on Guinea Pig Cages

Guinea pigs are one of the cutest small furry friends ever met! They are quite hospitable, speckless, and extremely quiet. The only sound you will hear from these cute babies is their wonderful churring or screeching when they see food from far away! However, the one thing that pet parents tend to miss out on is comprehending the housing needs of these fur babies. This write-up will discuss some of the most relevant information on guinea pig cages.

So, let us straight away get to the point and resolve some common doubts that pet parents have about guinea pig cages.

What are the Different Things That You can Put in a Guinea Pig Cage as a Pet Parent?

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Guinea pigs are extremely agile. They love physical exercise and mental stimulation. These furry pals need ample space to be buoyant. While it is next to impossible to always be by their side, you can always put different stuff in a guinea pig cage to make them feel blissful.

Here are some of them:

  • A proper bedding
  • A lining material on the floor cage to protect guinea pigs from hurting their legs
  • Unlimited hay to support their dental health
  • Keep an ingenious hay feeder or rack
  • A water bottle to quench the thirst of the furry pal
  • A food bowl where you offer food, vegetables, and pellets
  • A hiding place like a tunnel where guinea pigs can play around
  • A litter box to prevent bacteria and fungus from getting spread
  • Toys and balls so that guinea pigs have enough on their plate to enjoy their day alone
  • In case of a multi-level cage, get a ramp so that your fur baby can easily go up and down the different levels

What is a Good Guinea Pig Cage?

Here are some of the criteria that you should look for while purchasing a good guinea pig cage:

  • Have ventilation space on both sides of the cage. The more ventilation space inside the cage, the better it is for your pet.
  • A watertight base to absorb urine and keep the floor clean
  • The adjustable nature of the cage allows you, as a pet parent, to rearrange their room so that your furry pal can get the most out of the space.
  • Have solid sides on the cage to keep hay, poop, fur, pallets, etc., from falling out. Suppose your guinea pig has a habit of spraying urine; it is imperative to ensure that it stays inside the cage and not on the walls or the floors.
  • Have bars or grids spaced close enough so that your pet has no chance of escaping or sticking their heads outside the guinea pig cage.

What is the Best Type of Cage for a Guinea Pig?

Here is a list of some of the best types of cages for a guinea pig that you can find on KAVEE Cage:

  • 5X2 C&C CAGE

Are C and C-shaped cages good?

Yes, C and C-shaped cages are just perfect for small pets like guinea pigs and rabbits. Experts across the globe have voiced their opinion that these types of cages are ideal for guinea pigs.

Final Words

Guinea pigs are one of the best fur buddies you will ever get. They provide you with endless hours of laughs and giggles without expecting anything in return. The only thing they need is a shelter place that they can call their own home – a guinea pig cage.

You can get this from a reputed guinea pig cave supplier like KAVEE Cage. This is the least you can ever do, especially when you consider them your family member!

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