Fun Things to Do With Your Dog: Your Guide

Owning a dog
 brings you a lifetime of happiness.

They make great companions, fiercely loyal and loving creatures. There’s never a wrong time to bring a new dog into your home.

New puppies are a lot of work, but if you’ve got the time and patience to dedicate to your new friend, you’ll reap the rewards.

You know your furry friend will be waiting to spend time with you. And there are many ways to have fun with your dog and build an even closer bond than you already have.

Read on to learn about some fun things to do with your dog.

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Spend a Day Swimming and Exploring a Beach or Lake

Spending a day swimming and exploring a beach or lake can be a great way to bond and have fun with your dog. You should make sure to contact your local beach to find out any rules and regulations surrounding taking dogs to the beach. Remember to bring plenty of water, toys, treats, and a towel for your pup!

Before heading in the water, take some time to explore the shore. Let your dog sniff around and investigate, stopping occasionally to reward them with a treat. Once you’re ready, head into the water. If your dog isn’t a natural swimmer, you can assist them with a life jacket or wading pool.

Take this time to bond with your pup by throwing a few sticks or Frisbees into the water. Afterward, have a leisurely picnic and maybe even take a nap on the shore.

Go on a Bike Ride Together

Going on a bike ride with your dog can be a great way to get some exercise, while also bonding with your pup. You’ll need to make sure your dog is well-trained and comfortable with being around bikes and other people. Depending on your dog’s size, you may need to purchase a special bike trailer or basket that can comfortably fit your pup.

Take easy routes with plenty of stops in this dog road trip so your dog can rest and take water breaks. Make sure you both wear helmets and bring a special treat for your pup to reward them for a job well done. You can also bring along a leash and a collapsible bowl for water.

Finally, have fun! Bring along some toys and play with your pup while you take a breather from the ride. Have a great adventure together!

Visit the Local Dog Park

Visiting the local dog park is a great way to have fun with your canine companion. Here, your pup can meet other furry friends, play fetch, and have plenty of exercise. Be sure to bring your pet’s favorite treats to share with others in these outdoor dog activities.

Before you head to the park, familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations of the area. Bring plenty of fresh water and make sure they are up-to-date on their vaccinations. If you plan on visiting the park regularly, consider getting other local pup-parents your number in case of emergency. 

Backpacking With Dogs

Backpacking with your dog can be one of the most rewarding and fun activities to do with your canine companion as one on your dog’s bucket list of activities. There are plenty of fun activities to do with your pooch out on the trails. On your hikes, you can try new trails, venture off into the wilderness, find a cool new spot for a picnic, and of course, take plenty of pictures.

Along the way, don’t forget to take the time to appreciate your surroundings. Take plenty of breaks so your dog can explore and stretch their legs, take a dip in a lake or river, and get plenty of exercise and fresh air.

Supplies such as extra water, a pet first-aid kit, extra food, and some toys can all be useful items to have on hand. You can have your pet in a dog sport sack and have a customized dog patch on it for a more personalized touch. Research ahead of time to make sure your hike is suitable for your canine companion and both of you will be sure to have an amazing backcountry adventure together!

Take an Agility or Obedience Training Class

Many dog owners enjoy taking their furry best friends to agility or obedience classes. These classes are extremely fun dog-friendly activities you can do. They provide an opportunity for you and your pup to bond while learning new skills.

Not only do obedience classes teach you how to better communicate with your pup, but agility classes boost physical and mental fitness by challenging your pup with obstacles and tasks that foster growth. It is also an excellent way to socialize your pup with other people and dogs.

Depending on the class, you may be able to enter your dog in regular agility or obedience competitions. These classes are typically open to all dogs regardless of breed or size. Taking an agility or obedience training class is a great way to spend quality time with your pup and have fun as you learn.

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Teach Your Dog a New Trick

Teaching your dog a new trick is an incredibly fun activity to do! Not only is it rewarding for both you and your pup, but it also allows your pup to use their energy positively and can help keep them from becoming bored. Start by picking a simple trick that your pup can understand and some treats that they love.

Give your pup some treats to motivate them and use a few simple commands to help them understand the action you are asking them to do. Taking your pup through the process of understanding and practicing the trick can be a great bonding experience, while also increasing their obedience skills and confidence.

You can also look into taking courses or classes that focus on teaching your pup new tricks. You can get professional help with understanding how to confidently teach your pup even more complex tricks. All in all, teaching your pup a new trick is a great way to bond, increase obedience skills, and give your pup something to be excited about.

Shop at a Pet-Friendly Store

Taking your pup for a shopping trip to a pet-friendly store can be a great way to give them a fun and rewarding experience! You and your pup can explore the selection of treats, toys, and accessories while you get supplies for your pet. Before you head out, make sure to pick up a positive reward system and a long leash or harness so you can keep your pup happy and safe.

You can also look for multipurpose items like clothing, beds, or crates that can double as a play space for your pup. Once you’ve settled on your selections, it’s time to hit the register and check out. 

Take Your Dog To Work

At work, taking your dog with you can be an enjoyable way to break up the workday. Not all workplaces accept pets, so be sure to check before you plan to bring your pup to the office.

Even if your workplace doesn’t allow dogs, you and your pup can still have some great activities together. Take your pup out for a walk during your breaks or lunch hour.

If your workplace allows it, take your pup to join you for a working lunch. Buy yourself some snacks and have a picnic with your pup. 

Play Indoor Activities

Playing indoor dog activities can be a great way to bond and can even become a way to give them the physical and mental stimulation they need on days when the weather isn’t cooperating. Some fun activities can include a game of indoor fetch, or hide and seek.

If you have stairs in your house try to set up some stairs agility courses for your dog to show off their athletic prowess. If your pup loves treats, try a scavenger hunt and have them search for treats throughout your house, or buy a slow feeder mat and hide their kibble in it for them to search and find.

You can even fill a box with toys and switch them out every few days to keep your pup entertained. Keeping your pup engaged isn’t hard and can be as simple as playing some indoor games.

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Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday

Celebrating your dog’s birthday is a great way to show them how much you love them. Whether you are planning a fun-filled day for your pup alone or with all their favorite doggy friends, there are plenty of enjoyable activities to partake in. Start the day off with a special breakfast, perhaps homemade pancakes or other yummy treats.

Make sure to snap lots of pictures to commemorate the special occasion. Later on, spoil your pup with a birthday-themed toy or treat. Have an at-home spa day with a warm bubble bath and a manicure or pedicure session.

Check Out These Fun Things To Do With Your Dog

Having fun with your dog is an important part of its happiness and well-being. With these fun things to do with your dog, you can share bonding experiences while exercising, practicing obedience, learning new tricks, and discovering a world of interesting sites.

So, create some unforgettable memories with your pup today and explore the possibilities for canine fun!

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