How To Make An Old Dog Comfortable During Their Last Days

As your dog ages, the quality of life they require to be fully comfortable undergoes a steady increase, especially so as they approach the end of their life. There are many signs you can check that will tell you that your dog has limited time left and making these checks will help you take necessary measures to keep it comfortable until its final breath. For instance, look out for elements like weight loss, behavior change, decreased mobility, fatigue, confusion, dull eyes, lack of appetite, and other factors. While it is difficult to think of your companion dying, there are different things you can do to show them compassion. Keep on reading to learn how you can make an old dog comfortable during its last days.

Older Dog

Keep Your Dog Warm

When your dog is weak and showing signs of discomfort, try to keep them warm. Provide a cozy bed with suitable coverings. Make sure the pooch is not exposed to weather elements that can worsen their situation. You can also create a nice spot in your home where your pet can sleep.  Keep your dog clean and make sure it does not interact with other animals during this period.

Give Him Quality Food

Make sure your dog has palatable food that includes cooked chicken or canned products. If your dog is on prescribed food but does not like it, then try to give him anything he expresses satisfaction with. If you check this pet website, you will realize that certain foods, typically meant for humans, are also okay for dogs. When you consult your vet, and they say you can give your dog any food, try to find something that tastes good. For instance, you can prepare a complete and filling dish for your dog that includes rice and chicken or steak. Make sure you continue to prepare special meals for your pet until the bitter end.

Your Dog Needs Company

Remember that your dog needs your company, especially during his last days, so he does not feel lonely. You can maintain your routine and stick to a schedule that your dog enjoys most. Take your companion to the park and try to observe their behavior and whether it has changed significantly. However, remember not to overdo certain activities that can strain your friend. If activities like games and walks are no longer feasible, you can try spending some time sitting together in a comfortable place.

Consult Your Veterinarian

There are different types of medications you can consider to alleviate your dog’s pain and suffering. You must visit your vet first and get the ideal solutions that can help relieve pain. Appetite stimulants can also work if your dog does not want to eat food. However, apply these in moderation to avoid side effects that can worsen the situation.

Perform All Kinds of Pampering

When your dog is going through a difficult situation like old age catching up, make sure you provide different types of pampering that will soothe and relax him. You can enlist the services of a dog masseuse or spoil him with other treats like cakes. Additionally, you can go the extra mile and take your friend to a pet communicator who can try to gain insight into what he is suffering from.

dog with older couple

Understand Pain Management

It may not be apparent that your dog is in pain. Closely observe if there has been a significant change in its behavior so that you can take necessary measures. For instance, check if your dog still loves some of the favorite things he used to enjoy. When you rub your dog’s face, check if he wags his tail. You can also try to observe if he still plays with his toys.

If your pet shows signs of extreme pain where you can no longer manage the situation, visit dog hospice care. When you realize that the situation is no longer bearable, you can consider euthanasia. Make an appointment with your vet so the procedure is executed during the right time. Reassure your dog that it is fine to go and that you will always love him. An oral sedative can be a viable option that can make the process less stressful.

Talk to Other People

It is a good idea to share your problem with other people to gain their views about how they addressed the challenge. Since many people love dogs, you will discover that your situation is not unique. Someone might have experienced the same thing, so their ideas can help you overcome your present challenges.

A dog is a perfect companion, and it can also secure your home. The good thing about dogs is that they are trainable and they will give you excellent company. However, dogs don’t have as long a life as human beings. When your pet reaches its last days, you may not enjoy the usual companionship as a result of elements like old age, pain, and suffering. The above tips can help you make your old dog as comfortable as possible during these times.

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