How to train a German Shepherd puppy – The Ultimate Guide

The German shepherd, undoubtedly, is one of the best and most sought-after dog breeds out there. As scary as they look, most people will agree that GSDs are among the clumsiest and cutest furry friends one can get. If you have managed to get your hands on various types of shepherds, you will need to ensure that you give the proper training so that they grow up to be exactly how you want.

Listed below are some useful tips that you can use as the ultimate guide on how to train your German shepherd pup.

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Ultimate Guide on How to Train a GSD Puppy

  • Socializing Your Puppy

The most important training that you need your puppy to get is for it to become socialized. And this is something that you need to make sure happens fairly early in the puppy’s lifecycle, especially within the first 4 to 6 months. After this, it will become incrementally difficult as the puppy grows older.

  • Using Its Mouth Properly

Another thing that you will need to ensure is that the puppy learns how to use its mouth properly. All GSD puppy owners know how adorably exasperating it can be to watch your furry baby chew on shoes, carpets, boxes, and your hands.

However, don’t forget the fact that this behavior from your pup is normal. What needs to be understood is that at this age, dogs have a tendency to explore everything with their mouth.

One of the reasons why German shepherds have sharp teeth is because they instinctively know how much pressure to apply to things they are chewing. This is advantageous for you as the owner as you can train them to understand that they should apply less pressure when they have their teeth around human skin.

  • Rewarding with Food Treats

Positive reinforcement is a great way to make sure that your GSD puppy learns things that you want them to. There is a common notion that rewarding dogs with a food treat, when they do something correctly is a bad practice.

Let us tell you right now that this is a myth and not true at all. Treat rewards act as a great motivator for dogs to absorb the training that is given to them.

However, you should not think that only food treats can motivate your dog. You can reward them with whatever they have a preference for, like taking them out for a walk, petting them, etc.

  • Teaching Your Pup to Ask for Permission

One of the most important things you can teach your German shepherd puppy is to instill in it a habit of asking for permission. If you are able to train your puppy to do this, then you will see it looking at you before it starts to do something; for example, chasing after another dog in a playful manner.

  • Training It to Not Pull on Its Leash

This is one of the things that all dogs, and not just German shepherds, get a lot of flak for pulling on their leash. However, the blame is completely misplaced if they were not trained properly for it as a puppy. Use positive reinforcement to make it understand that it will get rewarded with what it likes only when the lease is loose.

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There you have it! If you can see the fact that these tips are properly followed, you can rest assured that your GSD pup will grow up to be the most obedient and well-behaved dog. Nothing comes easy. Consider the puppy as your child, and just as a human kid will require training on various things when he or she is young, the puppy will as well.

On the other hand, a well-trained German shepherd will bring you praise from all corners for the training you have provided. So, take care of it, and you are certain to get a friend for life.

Suppose you want to read about training and many other things that will help you have a coherent idea regarding GSD. Try to update your knowledge so that your dog gets the best treatment from you. Also last but not least, you know your puppy the best, so don’t forget to customize the training as per its comfort level.

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