In and Out: 3 Types of Dog Doors You Need to Know

Do you belong to the 40 percent of American households that own a dog?

If so, you’re probably constantly on the lookout for things that will help out your furry friend. Whether it’s the most entertaining dog toys, the best snacks, or things that can make their living environment comfortable, it’s always nice to buy things for your dog.

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But have you considered different types of dog doors?

Many people think that there’s only one kind of dog door our there — these people are sorely mistaken. This article will walk you through the different types of dog dors, so you can find the right one for your pup.

  1. The Door Mount

If the portals in your house are arranged such that the best way for your dog to get around is to use the same doors as you, you might just want to make use of a door mount.

There are the most popular dog doors for good reason. They allow your dog to travel between rooms even when the door is closed. Door mounts are relatively simple — the only true preparation you need is to figure out which doors your dog needs the mod.

  1. The Wall Mount

Dogs often need to take different paths than humans when maneuvering around a house. Sometimes, what works as a wall for humans would work much better as a door for dogs. You might have a wall separating your bedrooms, kitchen, and outside area that would be optimal to help your dog get around.

In that case, you’re going to want to go with a wall mount pet door. These are doors that carve out space in your wall for your dog to get on through. If you’re renting rather than buying, you might even be able to cover the wall back up — since the hole is so contained.

The wall mount is best if you’re looking to install a large dog door. For more information on the best type of dog doors, check out this great resource we found.


  1. Patio Panel Doors

If one of your doors is ideal for your dog to travel through, but you don’t want to cut a hole in that door, you should consider patio panel doors. Patio panel doors are doors with built-in holes at the bottom — sort of like a mini, extra-door for your dog.

Patio panel doors are best for the owners of small dogs. If you’re one of the rising numbers of American families who own small dogs, consider installing a patio panel door, as your dog will need less room to themself.

Understand the Different Types of Dog Doors

As you can see, there are different types of dog doors that have their own advantages and drawbacks. Consider a door mount or patio panel if you think your layout is optimal for your dog, and choose a wall mount if you want to alter the structure of your home for your pet.

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