Most Loyal Dog Breeds

If you are looking for a loyal and devoted companion, a dog is a perfect pet for you.

Dogs belong to the canine family, which are known for their ability to live in packs. They have an inherent sense of loyalty to their pack and crave security, companionship, and love. Any dog has the potential to become a friend, but some breeds are known for being loyal to their companion forever, like Scooby-Doo, a lifelong companion of Shaggy.

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Here we will discuss the top 8 most loyal dog breeds.

Most Loyal Dog Breeds

Apart from their beauty and affection, dogs are famous for their loyalty. Some of these dogs are super affectionate, while some take pride in guarding their owner and their families. According to the American Kennel Club executive secretary Gina DiNardo, the “key traits of a loyal dog include being confident, affectionate and devoted.”

Let’s discuss a few of them below.

1.    Collie

Collie is among the world’s most recognized and loved dog breeds. Its two varieties are the smooth (sleek) Collie and the more familiar rough Collie. They stand out among all the loyal dog breed because of their unwavering devotion, intelligence, and friendly nature.  Bill Lambert (Head of Health and Welfare at the Kennel Club) defines collies as, “much like the breed’s fictional representation, the breed is a great companion dog, happy, and active as well as being good with children and other dogs.” Collies require a lot of exercise and are therefore best suited for owners with active lifestyles.


Border Collie


2.    Australian Cattle Dog

According to the AK, this intelligent breed is described as “true-blue loyal.” These are formerly known as Australian Heeler, although they are still known as the Queensland or Blue Heeler. Australian cattle dogs are also called blue or red heelers due to the color of their coat. This breed of dog is related to the Australian wild dog, the Dingo.

They are an incredibly hardy dog breed. As its name suggests, this breed is developed to handle herds of bovines on ranches, where they are still used today. This breed is known to be particularly protective about its loved ones but a little wary of outsiders.


Australian Cattle Dog

3.    Anatolian Shepherd Dog

Like Australian Cattle dogs, Anatolian shepherd dogs are also bred as shepherd companions and guardians of livestock. In addition, these muscular avengers are prized as guard dogs, considering their protective and territorial, but also patient, intelligent, and profoundly loyal nature. They are also known as Anatolian Karabash dogs or the Kangal. The AKC defines Anatolians as very devoted dogs to their owners and protects their families, pets, and livestock.

anatolian shepherd dog

4.    Rhodesian ridgeback

Rhodesian ridgebacks are all-purpose renaissance hounds. First, these African-origin dogs were used as versatile hunters and protectors of property. But now, they are cherished family dogs. The most recognized traits of Rhodesians are high prey drive, intelligence, and loyalty. The AKC states, “Rhodesian ridgeback is very protective of its loved ones and affectionate with those it trusts.”


5.    Great Dane

Great Dane, also known as German mastiffs, are descended from hunting dogs in the Middle Ages. They are considered one of the tallest breeds in the world. The famous dog Scooby-doo also belongs to the Dane breed. Dane is known for its friendly behavior, loyalty, patients, and easy training. In addition, given their size, Great Dane is considered an excellent watchdog.

great dane

6.    Neapolitan Mastiff

In terms of sheer mass, mastiffs are among the giant dog breeds. These dogs have originated from Italy and are adored all over the world today. Famously known for being fearless and protective of family and home, they are ideal guard dogs. Neapolitan mastiffs are usually called gentle giants. The AKC describes them as a “massive guardian that is wary of the stranger, but very sweet and protective of loved ones.” Due to their massive size, they are not the best choice for novice dog parents or apartment-dwellers.

Neapolitan Mastiff

7.    German shepherd

They are bred to herd sheep before they start using them as specialized military and police dogs. However, once they bond with their owner or handler, they are the most loyal dogs you can find.

German shepherds are easy to train, but they require plenty of exercise; bored sphered can causes trouble.

They are considered the smartest of loyal dog breeds and so intelligent that they are one of the most employable dog breeds.

German Shepherd

8.    Great Pyrenees

Guardian with protective instincts, Great Pyrenees make up the most loyal dog breeds. Other than loyalty, these are known for their calm, majestic, fluffy, and intelligent nature.

However, they require ongoing exercises, early training, and mental stimulation like their sheep herding brethren.

While all these breeds are known for their loyalty, it is essential to understand that each dog is an individual and thus different from others. They have their nature and mode of showing affection and loyalty. Loyal dog breeds include breeds known to be reserved with strangers but stick close to their families.

Great Pyrenees

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