How to Choose Your Pet Friendly Artificial Grass

Some of the best remembrances will surely be of your pet rolling on the lawn, running across the yard, and grassy strolls for hours at stretch. However, happiness does not last long as you notice the damage that is done to your lawn. Your pet can leave your backyard with dead brown patches and muddy grass. The havoc done to your backyard can not be reversed but can be prevented by doing small changes. Artificial grass for dogs is the ideal choice for your backyard.

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Think priorly on the factors of pet behavior that can induce grass withering. In this piece, you will find the factors that can harm your grassy lawn, the type of grass that suits your pet, and some backyard ideas to keep your pet happy and healthy.

How pets can destroy grasses

Your dog keeps on running down and froths in your backyard. Dogs tend to urinate in the same spot, run around in the same place, and soothe themselves in familiar places frequently. This drives thin grasses and infertile spots to your yard. Carnal habits are the biggest threat to your natural grass.


Pet urine contains a high amount of nitrogen, colorless, and odor-free gas that is safe in minor quantities. However grass growth is dependent on nitrogen but an excessive amount of continuity for a long time can cause yellowish-brown patches. Dogs urinate frequently in the same spot making the place infertile.

Tips to prevent grass from your pet’s urine

  • Train your dog to relieve himself in specific areas. Teach him to pee in no grass area.
  • Water the area your pet usually urinates.
  • To lessen the amount of nitrogen, train your dog to drink more water
  • You can even place dog rocks in their water vessel to eliminate aluminum and tin. This helps your dog to have a clear bowel movement.


No one likes to have dog poop in their yard. It not only damages your sneakers but also destroys your lawn. However, dog poop has a low amount of nitrogen so it is not as harmful as urine. Still, you need to know how to restrict your pet’s stool and to keep your backyard beautiful.

Tips to prevent damages due to dog poop

  • Remove the stool as soon as possible to limit the damage.
  • Water down the area to dilute excess nitrogen
  • Train your dog to excrete in certain areas that are far away from grasslands.

artificial turf


Hyperactive dogs love to stay outdoors no matter if it’s sunny or rainy. Their overzealous nature can make your lawn look distressing. Dogs have a natural tendency to dig holes for food, dietary nutrients, or for mating behavior. You cannot stop your pet from digging holes but can choose an alternative to minimize the damage.


  • Use good fertilizers and follow a mowing routine to fill up uneven patches
  • Give chew toys to your dog to divert him from digging the ground
  • Use artificial grass that can withstand rough play.

Ways to choose artificial grass for dogs


Your dog needs to feel comfortable when he is on the grass area. Some artificial grass gives a spiky feel that does not go well with the pets. Look for grass that is made up of premium material and feels soft.

Easy Maintenance

Your fake grass should be easy to clean and maintain. Look for materials that don’t absorb color and odor. As a dog owner, it is always difficult to keep track of their canine habits. However, you can choose a material that is easy to clean and rinse.

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Best artificial grass for dogs

As you are now aware of the benefits of artificial grass and how it is going to be more fun for your dog. Here are some types of artificial grass that are available in the market.

TigerTurf Pet Turf

This grass was made for comfort and stability. TigerTurf includes a brown thatch layer with triple bolstered binding. The blades of this grass are omega-shaped which makes it visually pleasing and looks like real grass. It gives a softer feel while being strong enough to endure high foot traffic. It is recommended to use for high to moderate traffic and comes in field green, brown, and lime green shade.

K9 Classic Pet Turf

This turf serves best for areas with high dog traffic. It is made up of premium paraphernalia and Flow-through backing. This grass is best for light to high traffic areas and comes in summer green and turf green color. It has a pile height of ¾”. It is one of the best artificial grass for dogs.


Every grass is different, some possess resilient characters whereas some are delicate. Not all grass can tolerate pet outings and rough play. There are plenty of varieties of grass available in the market. Most people go for natural grass first but artificial grass for dogs is a more susceptible and cost-efficient choice. Fake grass lasts longer than natural counterparts and needs little to no maintenance. It is visually pleasing and gives the exact impression of a real one.

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