Puppy Potty Training Tips for New Pet Parents

Did you know that golden retrievers were named the easiest dog breed to potty train?

You may not have a golden retriever, and the task may feel impossible, but there are strategies to help. When you follow the right steps, you can create an environment for your new puppy to get comfortable, without damaging the house.

Read below to learn about the best puppy potty training tips that can help new parents find relief!

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Be Consistent

The most important part of successful puppy potty training is to be consistent.

Without consistency, your dog will continue to test boundaries. If you don’t take them out often enough, or at the same time, your puppy will struggle to get into a routine. Do your best to follow your routines, even on the weekends.

Dogs are creatures of habit. Their body will adjust to your schedule and as long as you stick with it, you shouldn’t have as many accidents.

Keep Small Treats Nearby

While you’re learning how to potty train a puppy, you need to keep treats nearby.

Small training treats are the perfect incentive for puppies, and they won’t be too filling. Many people make the mistake of getting medium or larger treats. These can be hard to break apart and lead to them consuming too many calories.

Putting a small handful of treats in your pockets or near the door can help you be prepared for every moment.

Don’t Get Angry

Patience is key when you’re potty training a puppy, and without it, it’s easy to get frustrated.

Cleaning up accidents inside the house and crate can lead to anger, but you need to control this. Much like teaching a child how to use the toilet, you need to give them time and encouragement. If your dogs sense your anger when you take them outside, they may get timid and feel unsafe relieving themselves.

Although it can be difficult, try to stay calm and know that it’s only a phase. As your puppy develops, it’ll gain more control of its bladder and discover its boundaries.

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Learn about Your Type of Dog

Identifying your dog’s breed can help you learn a lot when it comes to potty training.

Certain breeds have a more difficult time going to the bathroom in wet or rough conditions. Some dogs will go outside no matter what the weather is like, while others get house-trained. Small dogs are often house-trained, but there are ways to get them to go outside.

Research tips that are specific to your dog. You may have to do some extra searching if you have a mutt, but it could help you get past potty training problems. If you’re having trouble, puppy dog training with a professional can help.

Don’t Let Puppy Potty Training Poop You out

Puppy potty training is an exhausting experience, and if you don’t take the right steps, it could feel endless.

If you don’t want to be stuck cleaning up disgusting messes in the house, puppy training and consistency can help. When your dogs can rely on a consistent schedule, their body and brain can make the training experience easier. You can quickly get your dog house trained so you can appreciate the joyous moments of living with a pet.

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