Signs That It’s Time to Say Goodbye to Your Dog

Dogs are man’s best friends. Saying goodbye to your companion isn’t easy. This article will help you know when it’s their time, and how to prepare for it.

Dogs are some of the most faithful and loyal companions – sometimes even more than humans. Their playful personalities never fail to bring happiness to our families. Unfortunately, everything in this world eventually comes to end.

It is not easy to say goodbye to your dog by any means. However, it is your responsibility as a friend and an owner to set them free when it’s time. In this article, we’ll discuss signs that it’s time to say goodbye to your dog and how to prepare for it. Keep reading to find out more.

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Figuring Out The Costs

Finding out the costs to put a dog down is important when you begin to make preparations to go through with it. The price, of course, varies depending on the service provider, but it also varies with the weight of a dog.

Do proper research on aftercare services by reading reviews and recommendations. You want to make sure that you send your buddy off in the safest and most comfortable way possible.

5 Signs That Your Dog’s Time Is Near

Let’s discuss some signs that your dog might show when their time is near. It truly won’t be easy to read this, as the whole process of looking out for these signs can be quite heartbreaking.

However, I still urge you to have the strength to go through this as your assumption might be wrong. If it’s not, this article will hopefully prepare you mentally for what’s to come.

1.  They Stop Eating And Drinking Properly

With age, a dog’s organs will gradually begin to lose their functionality. The brain too is affected by this, hence your dog loses their ability to feel hungry or thirsty. This is why your dog may stop eating and drinking altogether. However, before concluding, be sure to check in with your vet. Organ failure isn’t always the reason why your dog stops feeding. It could be due to an underlying health problem as well.

2.  They Appear To Be Lethargic

Dogs will begin to behave unusually whenever they are near the end of their time. You will notice that they won’t be moving around a lot. Most of the time, they will just isolate themselves in a corner where they don’t usually lie down. Also, they will appear to be this way throughout the day. Eventually, their interactions with you will become sparse, such that they won’t respond to your calls as often as they used to, not even if you tempt them with a toy or a treat.

3.  Poor Coordination And Bowel Movements

Another sign that you need to look out for is a lack of coordination. Your dog may seem to lose their balance quite often and will face a lot of hurdles while getting around. They will also appear to shiver a lot. Try to help your dog as much as possible during this time, as their loss of balance and motor responses might get them injured.

A very old and weak dog will also lose control over its bowels. You might see that they have diarrhea frequently but can’t tend to themselves as they used to in the past. You must take extra measures to ensure that you slightly improve your senior dog’s quality of life so that they may rest easy in the days to come.

4.  Difficulty Breathing

This is very nerve-racking to witness. It’s one of those signs that clearly show that your dog’s body is giving up on them. You will eventually begin to notice drastic changes in your dog’s breathing patterns. Your dog may take a long time to inhale and exhale. Their breathing cycle will also be disrupted, such that they will take a long time to exhale after inhaling. This tires them out a lot, hence the lethargy.

Make sure you do what you can to make these last days easier for them. Keep them in a nice cozy area in your home so that they feel comforted and loved.

5.  They Seek Comfort From You

It is very common for all living things to seek comfort in the person they value the most during their last moments on earth. Your dog will stick to you during this time. Take this opportunity to shower them with affection and reminisce all the wonderful memories you’ve made together. Although it’s painful to see and realize, it’s just how things are and eventually, in your own way, you will have to learn to accept it.

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Preparing For The Process

A lot of mental processing and real-life planning involving regular health checks at home goes into preparing for something like this. It’s very normal for you to feel hesitant to go through with this. You need to start by telling yourself that you are doing what’s best for them. At this point in their life, they are old and are in a lot of pain. We all want our pets to rest easy when the time comes, so the least we can do is ease their suffering in a painless and stress-free way.

Give yourself and your family a day where you can spend some quality time with your precious buddy. Try giving them their favorite treat, or taking pictures with them as a way to commemorate them once they’ve passed on. Lastly, give yourself time to process whatever’s happening. It will be hard, but you will eventually find peace in knowing that your best friend is in a much better place.


It is extremely difficult for any dog owner to look for these signs that it’s time to say goodbye to your dog. Most of the time we don’t want to admit what we’re witnessing, and that’s completely alright. It’s important to take your time and gather your thoughts when you start to notice something is off with your dog before finally setting them free.

May you and your family get the strength to get through this, and find ways to care for your dog as they near their time.

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