Dog Treats – Health of Benefits of Dog Treats, Types & Categories

Everyone on this planet is looking for a healthy lifestyle. To enjoy a healthy lifestyle, we’re much conscious about our food choices which should be nutritious as well as possess a quality taste.

Similarly, as pet parents, we also prefer nutritious and tasty food for our dogs. So that our dog also enjoys a good and healthier life. This food choice may be dry food or wet food. But the aim of this choice is that it should be nutritious and best for your dog’s health.

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Dog Treats

Dogs of all ages, from small to seniors, loves treats. They not only boost their physical health but also have a significant effect on their mental health.

Benefits of Dog Treats

Important benefits of Dogs Treats are;

  • A good healthy diet
  • Add extra nutrition and health supplements to the diet
  • A wonderful way to bond with your pet
  • Chew Treats can help to relieve boredom
  • Build up good behavior of your dog
  • Dental treats can promote healthy teeth and oral care
  • Source of amusement and joy
  • Provide mental stimulation

When to Give a Dog Treat

Dog treats can be given to your dog as a reward. About 80-90% of dogs are responsive to food, making it the most valuable reward. Dog treats are extremely helpful for training purposes.

In addition to these, you can also give treats to your dog in order to modify their habit of chewing expensive household items.

Types of Dog Treats

There are two different types of dog treats which are explained below;

  • Dry Treats
  • Semi-Moist Treats

Dry Treats

They are usually crunchy biscuits which are given as a lower grade reward for your dog when he does something good but as a normal part of the routine.

Semi-Moist Treat

They are probably the easiest to use for training purposes as they are easy to break into small pieces.

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Grading of Treats

All the treats that are given to your dog, should be graded according to response and their appeal to your dog.

Best Graded Treat is the one which is liked by your dog the most and it should be given very often to your dog. It should only be given when your dog does something very exceptional.

Low Graded Treat is the one that is given commonly to your dog. These treats are given as a reward for simple exercises.

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Categories of Dog Treats

There are different categories of dog treats that can be given at different times to boost up their health and behavior.

  • Reward Treats
  • Training Treats
  • Chew Treats
  • Dental Treats
  • Crunchy Treats
  • Freeze-dried
  • Soft Treats

Reward Treats

These are given as a reward to your dog when he achieves some goal assigned by the owner.

Training Treats

These treats are given for training purposes. These are generally small in size and easily breakable.

Chew Treats

Chew treats are long-lasting treats that are given to relieve boredom and reduce destructive behavior.

Dental Treats

These treats are given to improve the dental health of your dog. It reduces bad breath, plaque, and tartar. It also improves gums.


Freeze-dried and jerky treats are appetizing and are similar to human food. They regularly come in the form of poultry, liver, seafood flavors, chicken, and beef.

Soft Treats

Soft treats are chewy dog treats and are available in a range of flavors, sizes, and shapes. Soft treats are useful during training because they have a pleasant taste & texture, and are often made in very small sizes that are easy to carry around.

Crunchy Treats

Crunchy dog treats are present in a lot of sizes, flavors, and shapes. They encompass fitness bars, cookies, and biscuits. The size of the treat you buy for your dog should be appropriate for the dog’s health.

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