How to Cure Goldfish Fin Rot

How to Cure Goldfish Fin Rot

Goldfish fin rot is a symptom of the gram-negative bacteria Pseudomonas fluorescens or of a fungal infection. A bacterial infection causes a ragged decomposition of goldfish fins while a fungus tends to create white edges on the fins of the goldfish. It’s not uncommon for the both of these to simultaneously be the cause for goldfish fin rot. In the early stages of goldfish fin rot the fins start to become cloudy and the tips will begin to turn white and literally rot. The tissue between the bony rays slowly disintegrates as the goldfish fin rot spreads downwards toward the body of the goldfish. Fin tissue can regrow if the goldfish fin rot is treated before the fins rot down to the body. After that, the fin tissue will not grow back and the disease can enter the body of the goldfish and kill it. Goldfish fin rot is easy to diagnose so it never has to come to that point.
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Cure Fin Rot

Several possible treatments can do more harm than good in treating goldfish fin rot. Avoid using potassium permanganate or formalin since it is highly caustic and can cause burns on the goldfish. Instead use a .03% aquarium salt. If the goldfish fin rot is more serious, give the sick goldfish a bath treatment using the antibiotic furazone green. This antibiotic bath treatment can disrupt biological filters so it’s important to bypass the filters and in goldfish ponds with ultraviolet sterilization or filters that contain carbon can neutralize furazone green. Consider treating the sick goldfish in a quarantine tank. If you are willing and able to give your sick goldfish an injection, Baytril is known to safely treat goldfish fin rot.

Get a Treatment

Prevent Fin Rot

Goldfish fin rot is typically the result of improper care and poor water quality that leads to stress of the goldfish. Continue to preform routine water changes and maintain optimal water conditions. Add a slime coat protector to maintain a healthy protective slime coat.

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  1. How long does it take after a goldfish has been treated does it take for tail to grow back as I bought a goldfish with fin rot and wasn’t told my partner noticed it so I bought anti ulcer and fin rot treatment from dobbies aquatic shop treated my goldfish yesterday and can notice huge difference today just want to know long it takes for tail to come bk completely

  2. My gold fish is starting to have fin rot he is in a 20 gal tank and we used aquarium salt in the tank already. Will my fishes fi. Heal from tht or do i need something else?

  3. I don’t think my fancy gold fish had fin rot, but, I think the other regular goldfish might have been picking at it. Is there anything I can do to help the fins grow back?


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