3 things you must do to secure your pet’s future

Whether you have just become a pet owner or have grown up with pets around you – the love and warmth a pet brings into your life are incomparable. Pets quickly carve a home in our hearts. From sloppy morning kisses to being neighed at from the stables – love comes in all shapes and sizes.

While the bond you share will last for eternity, you might not. As a pet owner, you might have a life beyond your pet – your job, friendships, relationships, hobbies, and more but you are your pet’s only friend. In your unfortunate death or incapacity, your furry friend runs the risk of being stranded. It is likely that your pet – be it a dog, cat, a colorful parrot, or a tiny fish – might pass away before you even reach old age but it is worth considering that what the future holds is unbeknownst to all.

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In your absence, securing your pet’s life is a necessity. Without any security, it is likely your pet could be left uncared for without food, water, or at worst, without a home. They could be passed on to a shelter, a caregiver, or could be euthanized. Upon losing your presence, your pet could very well feel distressed, abandoned, and waiting for you to come to pick them up. In a sensitive time like this, a responsible pet owner leaves the mark of his presence by making sure his pet is safe, secure, and in good hands.

Here are 3 things you must know and do to secure your pet’s future and keep them safe:

1.Get pet insurance

The safest way to secure a promising future for your pet is to get pet insurance. If you are asking yourself, “what is pet insurance?”, here is a brief explanation of what it means: Pet insurance, like any other insurance policy, acts as a safety net for your pet’s life.

Essentially, ensuring your pet means you safeguard them from illnesses, accidents, mishaps, and more. It not only protects your animal companion but also saves money on diagnostics, hospital bills, veterinary care, and medical emergencies. Different pet insurance policies offer different coverages and usually, these can be customized according to your needs.

Opting for a robust insurance policy means your pet will be protected and safeguarded from any and every mishap that may befall them.

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2.Name future caregivers

Many pet owners assume their siblings, children, parents or other family members would be happy to take in and care for their pet in all their capacity. In many cases, not only is this untrue but this dangerous assumption also may or may not lead to your pet’s abandonment.

Discuss your pet’s future with friends or relatives who, in your opinion, might be ideal candidates to become caregivers in your absence. In the case of contingencies, talk to at least two or more willing candidates.

Another alternative is to identify animal shelters or trustworthy foster homes that can temporarily care for your pet in case of your incapacity or untimely death.

3.Set up a Pet Trust

Ideally, the terms of your pet’s future should be discussed legally to make sure they are followed with binding authority. To make sure your pet is secure and cared for is to set up a pet trust. Once you are done naming a caregiver that will succeed you, the pet trust imposes a fiduciary obligation on the named caregiver. In simple words, the caregiver becomes obligated to take care of and provide for your pet in the manner of your preference. The trustee of your trust will direct funds to the caretaker to pay for your pet’s care. The funds disbursed by the trust will be strictly used for the purposes of your pet’s expenses only.

In addition to details about the distribution of funds, pet care instructions will be incorporated into your pet trust for your successive caregiver. These instructions will detail the necessary information about your pet’s food requirements, medical information likes and dislikes, and other crucial information that you would want your caretaker to know. Pets can be vulnerable to a host of diseases and can develop disabilities that may call for special needs and extra care – information about the same can also be added to the pet care instructions.

In conclusion:

Your pet will love you for life and beyond it. As their best friend, it becomes your responsibility to ensure their well-being come rain or shine. Secure their future today and leave your buddy with a life full of treats and adventures lying ahead of them.

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