How To Make Your Pet Feel More Comfortable At Home

Author: Allen Brown

There are many ways to make your pet feel at home. Most pets experience some form of stress at their new homes and will require comfort and care to overcome this. Here is how you can do this.

1. Ideal house temperature

The ideal house temperature for your pet is different from what you are used to. If you are wondering about the ideal house temperatures for dogs, you can search online and see the breed of your dogs and what temperature suits them as it varies from breed to breed. It is important when making the adjustment that you allow your pets time to get used to their new home by setting the thermostat in between these two temperatures. As a rule typically in an animal shelter or rescue center animals are kept in cages in conditions that are too cold resulting in even further stress on the animals, so you need to keep them safe and happy.

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2. Create their own room

If your home is not already equipped with a spare room, it can be beneficial to provide one of their own for them, especially if your pet is alone during the day. This room should be furnished with their favorite items, which you can find out by asking your dog walker or looking online. It can also comfort them to have access to an outside area of their own too. Also, having some chew toys available for your pets can help reduce any period of boredom they may face while you are at work. Chew toys entertain pets and occupy them constantly, so it is always best if you have some on hand in case your pet gets restless throughout the day.

3. Pet door

Another important way to make your pet feel at home is to provide them with a pet flap or pet door, so they can go in and out as they see fit. Pets will want to feel that they can come and go just like at their previous home, but provide the safety of your house with the security of a lockable flap or door. If you are having any trouble training your dog to use this doorway then purchase some treats which you can give them every time they successfully pass through, over time you should be able to wean off these treats.

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4. Soothing scents

It is also beneficial to have a few comforting scents around for your pets, such as lavender oil or a diffuser with calming scents. This way when your pet gets used to their new home, if they get anxious they will be able to relax by breathing in the calming scents. You can use this as a quick fix if you have to go out for any period of time. Soothing scents can also stimulate your pet’s mind, helping them think. You can switch to different scents every few days to keep your pet entertained for longer periods of time.

5. Feed them their favorite treats

Feeding your pets the type of food they are used to eating will make them feel more at ease. Some pets are picky eaters, so if they are presented with new food it can make them feel stressed. Providing your pet with all of their favorite treats will ensure that they are happy while you go about providing them with new food gradually until they get used to it. If you want to know the best diet for your type of dog or cat, then check online for reputable sources which can provide you with guidance on this topic.

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6. Be there when they need you

Last but not least, another important way to make your pet feel at home is by being there when they need you. This means giving them ample attention and during times of stress or anxiety. Be aware of any signs they may display such as whining or howling, and if these occur then come home and give them some love. This way, you can build a rapport and trust with your pet that allows them to feel more comfortable in their new home.

Why is keeping your dog comfortable at home important?

Pets are known to display behaviors that indicate discomfort when they are in an unfamiliar environment, but by making your home as similar to that of their previous one as possible, you can reduce stress levels and boost happiness. Having an indoor area for them is also beneficial, so they have enough room to play or exercise, but not too much so that it overwhelms them. If your pet has access to a garden, then give it plenty of toys and other fun items to occupy itself with throughout the day if you’re not around.

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Pets are animals and as such, they can become stressed when faced with new surroundings, just like we would if we were in a completely new place. Making your pet feel more comfortable at home can reduce stress and make them happier, allowing you to build a great relationship with the animal.

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