Debunking Common Myths And Misconceptions About Hypoallergenic Dogs

Have you ever wondered about hypoallergenic dogs? They’re often seen as the perfect solution for dog lovers cursed with sneezing, itching, and wheezing from being allergic to their furry friends. In essence, hypoallergenic dogs are breeds thought to be less likely to trigger allergic reactions. They’re often characterized by two distinct features: producing less dander … Read more

What Is The Closest Dog to a Wolf?

All dogs descended from wolves. In fact, wolf and dog DNA differ by a mere 0.2 percent. Genetically speaking, domestic dogs are much closer to wolves than even coyotes are. Wolf and coyote DNA differs by four percent. A study called CanMap was conducted by UCLA, Cornell University, and the National Institutes of Health. It … Read more

Animals that Get Drunk or High in Nature

Millions of humans around the planet abuse alcohol and drugs, including opiates, marijuana, cocaine, and hallucinogens. It often seems like one of the unique, if troubling and disruptive, features of people, compared to wild animals; humans seek out intoxicating substances for fun while animals eat just for nutrition, whenever they’re hungry, or food is available. … Read more