What Dog Breeds Are Good With Cats?

If you already have a cat and would like to also get a dog, you have probably wondered if these two species can co-exist in the same household. The answer is a resounding yes! With some planning and a proper introduction, cats and dogs can live together peacefully and may even become best friends.

As a general rule, though, you may want to avoid certain members of dog breeds like terriers. Terriers were bred for hunting and may not be a good cat-friendly choice. In particular, the Jack Russell terrier seems to have an abiding hatred for felines. You may also want to avoid herding breeds like the border collie or Australian cattle dog. These intelligent, enthusiastic dogs are great companions, but their powerful instinct to herd anything that moves will not likely be appreciated by a cat, especially if the dog decides that herding a cat is great fun. However, there are still plenty of wonderful canine cat-friendly breeds to choose from.

The American Kennel Club mentions these dog breeds as being good with cats:

Golden Retriever

Gentle and playful, these dogs tend to get along with other animals quite well, even cats. Just make sure they get the daily exercise they need.

Labrador Retriever

This large breed is outgoing, kind, gentle, and accepting. Loving and intelligent, this breed has the qualities that will blend in well with feline family members.


Papillon Puppy
These cute, smart, curious little dogs are fun-loving and just about the same size as the average cat. They are likely to see a cat as just another chance for a friend.


Border Collie
Although a member of the herding dog group, they may still be a good choice for households with cats because of their general tolerance for other animals in general. This tolerant attitude could easily extend to a cat. Great with children, this breed needs lots of exercise and play.


These tough, roly-poly little dogs like companionship and crave attention. They can stand up to rough feline play and may very well enjoy feline friendship.


Patient and tolerant, beagles are like little goodwill ambassadors. They are typically friendly with other animals and are likely to welcome a cat into their pack.

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