6 Small Animals That Can Live In Your Home Office

Working from home has many benefits, but can also get lonely at times. Having a pet to keep you company is a great way to combat loneliness and enjoy the perks of having your own space. But how do you know which pets are best for an office? Well, usually smaller pets are ideal as not only do they take up less space but they also tend to need less maintenance. Once you figure out which pet is right for you, you will have a guaranteed companion to keep you company at home during the workday.

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Small Pet #1: The Gecko

Not only are geckos one of the more interesting small pets you can keep next to you while you work, but they last just the right amount of time. Geckos tend to have an average lifespan of six to ten years. They are an unusual enough pet to be a great conversation starter, but not so unusual that you won’t be able to find the right food and habitat for them for your office.

There are thousands of species of geckos out there and many have beautiful and unusual color patterns which will add to the decor of your space. But be warned, some species of geckos may desire live crickets as some of their favorite foods. So if you aren’t keen on handling insects to feed your pet, you may want to go for something a little more simple when it comes to diet for your new officemate.

Small Pet #2: A Budgie as a Buddy

Have you always wanted a talking bird but didn’t know if you could keep it contained in a smaller home office? Well, the budgie bird is a perfect pet for your home office and comes with the entertaining skill set of repeating short words and phrases for your enjoyment.

Budgie birds are a great choice for an office pet as they are smaller and don’t need a large cage. You can also take them out as they enjoy perching on your finger. Another great point for these colorful pets is that their cage only needs to be cleaned about once a week.

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Small Pet #3: A Slithering Snake

If you are up for a little adventure, a snake is actually a great option for a small pet for your home office. There are a variety of snake species out there when it comes to snakes, so if this is your first pet snake it is wise to start with something that is easier to care for such as a corn snake.

Although many pet owners out there think that snakes are tough and can handle anything, they can actually be quite sensitive to things like stress which is something to keep in mind when finding the just-right species for your new office pet.

Small Pet #4: The Friendly Guinea Pig

Did you know that if guinea pigs do not have enough social interaction they can suffer from depressive episodes just like humans? Guinea pigs are an ideal small pet for your home office as they enjoy having company. When you need a brain break, guinea pigs enjoy getting exercise out of their cage or simply enjoy being held.

If you don’t think you will have the time to interact with your new furry friend, then consider getting him a pal and having two guinea pigs. They do need space and enjoy having different toys and activity centers in their cages to play with throughout the day.

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Small Pet #5: Blue Tang Fish

When people think of office pets they often immediately think of fish, as fish are easy to care for and provide a colorful distraction throughout the day. But have you considered which type of fish you would like for your home office pet? Not only do they have a beautiful appearance, but a Blue Tang fish is a very low-maintenance aquatic pet that is ideal for someone looking for a pet that requires minimal care and attention.

Blue Tang fish got their claim to fame from the movie Finding Nemo. Remember Dory? She’s a Blue Tang fish and has made this colorful fish a favorite for aquariums. These fish have a lifespan of anywhere from eight to twenty years and provide both beauty and great company as a future home office companion.

Small Pet #6: The Miniature Dog

Maybe you have been dreaming about having a cuddly friend as your new office pet but didn’t think you would have space for a dog. Well, you are in luck, because miniature dog breeds make ideal office pets and don’t take up much room. These specific breeds of dogs don’t need much besides a small bed to snuggle at your feet throughout the day and a small bowl for food and water.

Having a dog as a pet for your home office is a dream come true as not only are they excellent company, but they provide numerous health benefits for you including decreased levels of stress and increased exercise. One ideal breed for a small office dog is a Yorkie. This breed loves to lounge around during the day, but like any dog will also need to be taken on a short walk. So if you invest in a small office dog, not only will you be getting daily snuggles but you will also be increasing your step count thanks to your short dog walks throughout the day.

Small pets are ideal office mates as they provide endless entertainment and company without taking up too many resources or time out of your busy workday. As you research to find your perfect pet, consider things such as maintenance and social interaction as well as space for the pet.

Adding a small pet to your workplace is an exciting new venture to help ease some of the monotony of the workday by having something to interact with throughout the day when you need breaks. Consider doing a trial run or starting small if having a pet is something new to you. Pets add so many benefits to your day including a reduced level of stress and an overall sense of purpose and well-being.

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