Tips for Choosing a Reliable Pet Relocation Company in Singapore

A relocation is a stressful event, especially when you travel a few hundred or thousand miles to relocate to another country. Many consider moving as one of the most stressful life experiences comparable with only death and divorce. Just imagine how much more stressful it is to travel with your pet that you consider an integral part of your family and would like to ensure a safe and comfortable journey for the beloved animal, whether it is a dog or cat. To ensure the best travel experience for your pet, you must hire a pet relocation company that has the expertise, knowledge, and skills in exporting and importing pets by complying with the rules of the originating and destination country.

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Since every pet is different and every move, only a pet relocation can company can do a perfect job to ensure that you and your pet have a hassle-free experience. Therefore, it is imperative to choose the most reliable pet relocation company like the one you would find at, a company that provides worldwide pet relocation services.

Best Tips for Cat and Dog Relocation

  1. When you realize you’re moving get some answers concerning your pet’s movement necessities

A few pets might be harder to move than others, accordingly before you start the interaction it’s critical to get some answers concerning the movement prerequisites of your own pet. For instance, not everything pets can fly in the lodge or load – a few pets and breeds can’t fly by any means. Your vet can be useful when going with pets who might be harder to migrate.

  1. Contact your vet

Ensure you organize to meet your vet and examine your itinerary items with them. This is especially significant if your pet is taking drugs and will require solutions in your new nation of home. Most carriers will require documentation from your vet showing your pet is healthy and has had every one of the necessary immunizations to travel or enter another country.

  1. Pet uneasiness

Voyaging can be a restless time for your pet, especially on the off chance that they are voyaging significant distances and in new circumstances, like flying. It is accordingly, suggested that you permit your pet the opportunity to get acclimated with their container and being secured for longer timeframes. Putting a recognizable solace article or most loved toy in the carton can help facilitate a portion of their tension.

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Choosing the Right Pet Relocation Company

The guidance provided in this article should help you in choosing the right pet relocation company.

IPATA membership

The International Pet and Transport Association is a worldwide network of pet shippers who maintain a high commitment to providing compassionate and professional pet relocation service to any part of the world. Check if the pet relocation company you want to appoint has IPATA membership, which ensures that they are members of the organization’s local counterparts that strictly follow the IATA rules and regulations (International Air Travel Association).  AN IAPATA approved pet relocation company can take utmost care of your pet to ensure a comfortable and safe journey.

The full-service pet relocation company

Usually, pet relocation companies take complete responsibility for transporting pets by picking them up from the clients’ doorstep and delivering them back at the destination, which in the trade parlance is known as door-to-door service. However, some companies provide a few more services in addition to veterinary services and other flight-related services. So once you hand over the pet to the pet relocation company, you need not worry at all about the safe passage of your pet that the company would arrange by using its contacts and resources.

Love for pets

Besides being thoroughly conversant with the pet transportation procedures, the staff of the pet relocation must have a complete understanding of different types of pets. They must be true pet lovers to effectively handle the pets by judging the needs as each pet is different. Check the pet relocation company’s record to ensure that they have a zero harm rating and check their credentials for internal pet shipping to verify the claim.

Accessibility and service

The company must have a strong customer service set up accessible round the clock, and their length of experience shows how reliable they are. Check customer reviews to understand the satisfaction level, which indicates reliable operations of the company.

List of the Top Pet Movers in Singapore when you are Looking to Relocate


Having near 30 years of involvement with moving pets, Pet Movers has as of late found a way to build up their computerized presence to contact more clients. They represent considerable authority in a wide cluster of pet-related administrations and can give you the help you require, regardless of what type of breed your pet is.


M&P International Freights was set up in 2006 determined to give a bunch of worldwide cargo sending administrations like warehousing, air, and ocean cargo and shipping. Behave confidence that their dependable group will be dealing with every one of the necessary reports heretofore and helping you consistently. With a wide organization of accomplices, M&P International Freights promises you reasonable rates and time-proficient courses.


Kev Posh Pet Services began in 1998, endeavoring to accomplish the exclusive requirements that they set for themselves while looking to surpass the assumptions for their clients. From a non-compulsory conference to taking care of all the desk work and important immunizations for your sake, the group at Kev Posh Pet Services will reassure you with their expert pet migration administrations.


Pets Lighthouse is an individual from the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association, which involves pet delivery experts who have demonstrated to have the option to ship pets with no hiccups. Other than settling the importation or exportation, they can help you in the accommodation of blood tests and strolling your canine for your benefit.

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