Top 8 Pet Blogs You Should Be Following in 2021

The modern world is full of content, and the internet has played an essential role in it. We can read and watch anything we desire.

As the trend of a pet is famous, there is vast information available regarding the same. In a world of millions of blogs, it is easy to feel lost. After all, too much information can lead to confusion and prolong the decision-making process of the individual. In this blog, we will discuss some of the most reliable blogs present on the internet. It will guide the new pet parents, who want to know more about the new member they are adding to their family related to their diet, health and other supplements from CBDfx UK. The best eight pet blogs of 2021 are-

dog walker with many dogs

The Dogvine

We all wonder about the street dogs we see on the streets of our city? Where did they come from, are they alone, are they well-fed are some of the essential questions one ponders over. The blog came into existence in 2012, and the founder was Teresa. The Dogvine covers the stories of the street dogs in the city of London. It covers the hardships they face, how they get food, and what can improve their situation. It also covers the individual stories of the street dogs. They also cover the upcoming events which focus on dogs in the city.


Are you a parent who will enjoy any form of pet? Then this is the place for you. The Pawsitively pets blog by Ann Staub covers the animals which have paws on their limbs. The covered animals range from cats, dogs, mice, and many more. The blog strives to maintain a balance between the pet parent and the pets. It makes the reader aware of how to ease their pets into their family. The information is related to hygiene and how to improve their lifestyle. The blog owner is a seasoned vet, giving a personal perspective into the world of small furry friends.

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Oh My Dog

As the name suggests, Oh my Dog covers everything related to dogs. It came into existence a couple of years ago, and the founder is Maggie. Oh, my Dog is the perfect spot for pet parents who want to have their first dogs. The seasoned pet parents can also consume the content of their website. The blog covers the training routines, diets, and new organic products for your favorite furry pet. It can also give the perspective from the point of view of an owner. The balance of content makes it stand out from the other blogs on the internet.

The Painted Reptile

Are you a parent who is fascinated with reptiles? The reptile as a pet is becoming a famous option in the United States of America. They require less maintenance and require less care from their parents, and we all like self-caring pets. The painted reptile covers everything about reptiles like lizards and many more. It also acts as a gateway for the products which come in handy in taking care of your favorite pet.

Here Bird

Birds are the trendy addition to the vast pet world. Since ancient times people have been fascinated by these little feathery creatures. We all are familiar with the bird watchers around us. The blog covers everything a new parent needs to know about many kinds of birds. They also have a separate section for famous pets like parrots. The blog also acts as a trusted link for bird food and different varieties of cages. Cages are an essential part of your bird, as they spend most of their time there. It is necessary to create a stable and relaxing environment for your favorite bird.

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All Pet Voices

As the name suggests, this blog focuses on the perspective of pets. It deep dives into how to make their surroundings better. It also covers the food diet and the daily exercises your pets need daily. The blog came into existence in the year of 2009 and started as a circle of pet influencers. The blog aims to cover all kinds of pets and acts as a medium to teach beginner pet parents. The site is growing at a rapid rate and aims to expand further in the future.


Dogalize is one of the best places to visit as a dog parent. The blog covers the training part of the daily routine. It is full of knowledge for the pet parents as well. Vets suggest that it is essential for pet parents to exercise with their pets. It forms a better way of understanding between the pets and their parents.


Petkeen is your one-stop shop for all kinds of pets. The site has one of the best quality content. It sheds light on the daily routine your pet needs to adapt to for a better lifestyle.

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In the world of the internet, it is critical to filter the information one can receive. For beginners, blogs are the best source of information. Rather than focusing on the quantity of information, it is critical to focus more on the quality of facts. The above blogs will guide you and your pet during the journey of parenting and improve the lifestyle along the process.


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