5 Ways To Enrich Your Cat’s Indoor Environment

Cats, particularly kittens, love to play and have fun. However, indoor cats seem to be less engaged as they grow older. Because cats tend to play less indoors, they get used to less stimulation. Hence, pet owners see their cats sleep most of the time and appear less energetic.

cat climbing

That’s why it’s important to revamp your home interior and make it more cat friendly. Provide an enriched and interactive indoor environment for your furry friends to keep them busy, lively, and happy by reading below.

Install New Cat Trees And Towers

Cats love to climb and land on surfaces because of their natural hunting instincts. A modern cat tower delights cats, giving your cat the right space for serious tree-climbing and hiding. The taller your tower goes, the more real estate your lovely cat has for scratching.

Enrich your cat’s indoor environment by choosing the best cat trees and towers. They don’t only provide a private space for your kittens to play, lie, hide, and climb but also a great addition to your home interior. Here are some tips when buying ready-made cat trees and towers:

  • Find A Reputable Seller:

    Cat accessories and towers are widely sold online. Find a trusted seller by checking their company website and review sites for consumer reviews.

  • Check The Features:

    Choose a modern cat tree and tower with plenty of scratching room, a cat cave, and more than two or more plush platforms for your cat’s full enjoyment.

  • Quality:

    Check the materials used in manufacturing the cat tree or tower you’re eyeing to purchase. The listing should include details of the material used for the cat furniture, whether or not it’s made of solid wood or other materials. For instance, a mahogany cat tower is elegant and will charm your lovely kittens and visitors alike but will likely be more expensive.

Give Your Cats Some Toys

Cats love to play as a form of expressing their hunting skills. In the wild, their favorite activity is hunting captive animals. Mimic this activity by giving your furry friends squeaky toys which appeal to their sharp sense of hearing.

Offer different toys because cats get used to the same type of toy after a few short sessions of playing with them. So offer different toys for your cat every day. Change the color and the location of the toys for variety.

Giving your cats toys during structured play sessions also establishes a good bonding experience with you.

Some examples of inexpensive toys you can give to your cats include the following:

  • Plastic milk carton rings 
  • Crumpled paper
  • Aluminum foil
  • Toys on a wand
  • Feathers
  • Egg cartons with treats 
  • Catnip mice 
  • Balls
  • Mouselike toys or toys that make noise or move 
  • Empty toilet paper rolls
  • Ping-pong balls in a bathtub
  • Laser pointers

Keep The House Clean And Tidy

Humans find dirty toilets pretty gross, and this is also true for cats when they have dirty litter boxes. So it’s important to clean your cat’s litter boxes at least every other day for a healthier and more appealing environment for your feline friends. If you have several cats, make it a point to clean them every day.

You can invest in self-cleaning litter boxes for less effort scooping your cat’s waste. However, a clean litter box isn’t just scooping their waste. Make sure to replace the cat litter every two weeks for hygienic purposes to raise healthy cats.

cat on a tree toy

Keep Indoor Noise Low

Loud noises such as fireworks, commotions, and arguments can stress your feline pets—more so, chronic stress could result from exposure to loud noises, which may lead to health and behavioral problems like depression, aggression, and anxiety. 

So keep indoor noise minimal as much as possible. Keep your cat in a safe, quiet space at home during bad weather or when you have guests around. Avoid cranking up the volume of your entertainment system to avoid causing stress to your cats.

Spend Time With Your Cat

Cats hate to be alone like humans do. So make sure to set aside a schedule to play with your feline pet each day. Spending quality time with your cat is crucial for your pet’s well-being. As a cat lover, you can dedicate at least 15 minutes of playtime to keep your pet engaged, healthy, and happy. If you only have one cat, you can adopt another one or two as your first cat’s full-time companions.


Enrich your cat’s indoor environment by applying the tips above. Make sure to provide your cat with plenty of space and opportunities to climb, hide, and play by installing cat furniture like cat perches, trees, and towers. In this way, you can offer the best indoor environment for your feline friends where they feel comfortable, safe, and happy.

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Carlos Templeton is an animal rights advocate and a pet doctor. He also has dog and cat pets at home. He shares his expertise in animal care online through blogging and guest posting. Carlos love to play with his pets during his free time.

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