Feline Cat Lovers Guide for Raising Healthy & Happy Kittens

The company of pets is an enriching experience when you bring the petite kitten to your home that would soon be a happy addition to your family. Of course, it is always exciting, and fun to get a kitten home as the cute bundles of fur are fun-filled resources for endless enjoyment. However, to ensure that you enjoy the best times in the company of your pet, you must take its best care so that it grows up like any human baby surrounded by your care, love, and undivided attention.

You would like to see your kitten grow up into a healthy and well-behaved cat that can nicely adjust to the environment.  Know how to take the best care for your beloved pet to ensure that it grows into a happy and healthy cat that earns the love and affection of everyone it interacts with.

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Kitten Care Tips

The tips given below will ensure proper care for your kitten and keep it healthy and happy.


Start with a regular diet for your kitten but after some weeks; gradually introduce special kitten food of a high quality that contains plenty of nutrients to support the growth. High-quality kitten food must have lots of protein and taurine but lesser carbohydrates and fillers.  Your vet can suggest the best kind of food that your kitten needs. As the kitten gets used to the new type of food, increase the portion and switch over to this food only.


The climate wherein you keep a feline is likewise incredibly critical – for instance, assuming it lives with numerous different felines which don’t get on, it will be focused and will respond uniquely in contrast to in the event that it was all alone.

Feeding schedule

Follow a fixed schedule of feeding the kitten three times a day at some fixed times and serve the food on a shallow plate. A flat plate will enable the tiny creature to access the food quickly and relish it. Including snacks n the diet during the growing stages will make the food more attractive. Add more nutrients to the food by including small amounts of cooked or raw liver, cooked egg yolk, and boneless fish that comprises a great treat for your beloved pet that helps to build strong bones.

Dry or wet food

Both dry and wet cat foods like those mentioned in Cat Lovers Glee are suitable for kittens and what kind of food you want for your kitten depends on what you want your kitten to get used to. For flexibility, balancing the diet with a mix of wet and dry food is what most pet owners prefer. But serving only one type of food may be dry food in the dry and wet food at night or vice versa.


Arrange for a steady supply of clean water for your kitten so that it can drink throughout the day, and there is no need for any other type of fluids. Cow milk is unsuitable as it can cause tummy ache even though cats are fond of milk.

A fixed place for home

Create the cat home with the litter at a fixed place, and do not change it anytime soon so that the kitten gets used to it. Once they know where the home is, they quickly adapt it without any training.

Closely watch your kitten protect it from any trouble and get all immunizations done along with periodic health checkups.

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How to take care of a new kitten

Providing a welcoming space

Your kitty will be interested, befuddled, and energized — at the same time. However much it’s enticing to allow them to wander, they’ll change better on the off chance that you limit access from the outset. Having a more modest secure territory to investigate at first will help your hide child get familiar with the new spot.

Creating safe atmosphere

Your kitty may cover up from the outset, yet it will investigate when nobody is watching, getting more familiar in their new home. Ensuring the room has concealing spots will help your furball have a sense of safety. In the event that there isn’t furniture to cover up underneath, place paper sacks or cardboard boxes close to the dividers or cut openings for entryways into them — they will not notice the distinction.

Tips for Healthy Kitten

  • Keep taking care of your little cat its “ordinary” diet, yet gradually present great cat food (i.e., high in protein and taurine, and low in fillers and carbs) in with the general mish-mash; counsel your veterinarian concerning what best serves your feline. After it has changed, feed it the top-notch food only.
  • At the point when you initially bring your cat home, it’s a smart thought to keep your cat in the very room with the litter box for a couple of days so it might become acclimated to it. Little cats needn’t bother with much in the method of preparing.

Why felines make incredible pets

The flexibility of feline proprietorship is one motivation behind why such countless individuals appreciate cat friendship. Felines make extraordinary pets whether you live in a major house or small loft, and they give all the fun and play of bigger creature buddies.

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