How Cats Improve Your Health?

Having a cat is itself an act of joy. The feeling when your cat cozily comes to you for a cuddle cannot be explained in words. All your worries and tensions instantly fade away, as they never existed. Pretty much miraculously, as if cats have some sort of magical healing powers.

People even claim that even watching cat videos on the internet can boost up optimistic thoughts in the mind giving you a happy feeling. As a result, even the internet has also fallen for cats, with millions of cat videos watched every day. Imagine if watching cat videos on YouTube can simulate positive thoughts in the mind, then having a cat as a pet is pure gold.

Cats are the most adorable pets and with their presence at homes just make the pet owners feel relaxed. Cats are independent and quiet creatures and they do not demand the attention of their owners 24/7 which means having a cat won’t cause any problem  in your work

Science Proves It

Science also confirms that having a cat around can have multiple health benefits. However, we love our cats, not for health benefits, we love them because they are super cute and probably we were destined to love them.

Without further delays, we’ll jump straight to the benefits

8 Benefits of Cats on Your Health

Lower Chances of Heart Diseases:

Amazingly cats can lower your stress levels minimizing the chances of cardiovascular diseases. Studies show that having a cat can reduce the chances of heart stroke by up to 30%. I think cats deserve a laud for this purpose.

Help to Repair Bones and Muscles:

Amazingly, the benefit of a cat as a pet also includes their ability to repair basic parts of a human skeleton and even science confirms it. Cat purring, one of the most comforting sounds in the world, also holds healing abilities. Cats purr at frequencies of 20-140 Hz, and it has been found that frequencies in the 18-35 Hz range have a positive effect on muscle and bone repair.

Help to Cope the Loss of a Dear One:

Losing a loved one is a painful task. People in mourning tend to talk to cats to let go of their emotions. As it is easy to talk to someone who will not judge or ask questions. Socially, this is a great benefit that cats bestow upon us.

Reduce your Stress & Anxiety:

Playing with cats can trigger the release of certain chemicals from your mind that can reduce your stress levels. Moreover, playing with cats is so much fun that even if trigger chemicals are not produced you’ll still be happy.

Enhance Your Chances to Get Married:

Amazingly it is seen that single women perceive men with cats to be more caring and lovable as tend to those men who do not have cats. Interestingly, cat owners are more caring, sensitive and they do not have trust issues.

Cats are good for Kids:

Research also claims that cat exposure is highly beneficial for kids as it resists allergies. Not only this, playing with cats burns human fats and keeps your child healthy. It is also seen that having a cat around at an early stage can protect you from mite, ragweed, pet allergies and asthma.

Cats can help you save your life:  Cats are known to be aloof and rather have an uninteresting human behavior. Surprisingly many cats have known to warn their human counterparts regarding possible dangers and have saved countless lives in the past. You never know when your cat may alarm you about a gas leak or a possible intruder.

Helps you improve your mental health:

Cats love their owners and they demand the same from them too. According to a study, cats improve a person psychological health, people with cats have less negative emotions and they tend to deal with their problems calmly compared to people without cats.

girl and kitten

Cats Are God’s Gifts

Cats are not just pets but they are a gift to pet owners as they have an ability to lighten up the mood of anybody by simply living in their own world. Cats have mood swings too and this feature makes them more likable to pet owners as they can relate themselves with their own cats.

They have God gifted features that can serve humans in social and medical effects, and have an impactful effect on human health. Love your cat because it deserves it, not for your wellbeing, and let the cat heal you magically.

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