How To Restrain A Large Dog For Nail Clipping

Clipping your dog’s nails is an essential part of the grooming process. Trimming the nails prevents your dog from developing bone deformations or bad posture. Not all dogs enjoy clipping their nails, so the whole experience can be frustrating.

You don’t need to pay for a professional groomer to clip your dog’s nails. If your dog is not aggressive when grooming, you can learn how to restrain a large dog for nail clipping. You need to do it right to prevent injuring your dog and keep yourself safe too.

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Is Nail Trimming Important?

Do you need to trim your dog’s nails? Well, trimming a dog’s nail is important, and you should do it regularly, normally one time a month. If you don’t trim your dog’s nails, it can lead to potential injuries.

If you hear a tapping sound when your dog is walking or jumping, that is the right time to trim the nails. Long nails can get caught on furniture or carpets, and when they pull the nails, this can lead to severe injuries.

How To Restrain A Large Dog For Nail Clipping

Some dogs can pull their foot away, bark, bite or become aggressive when clipping their nails. In this case, you need to know some restraint techniques to keep the dog safe throughout the clipping process. If you understand how to restraint a large dog for nail clipping, it will be safe for the dog and beneficial. Here are some restraint techniques you can use:

Standard Hold

In this method, you need to wrap your arm around the dog’s neck while the other hand around the tummy. Ensure your arms are wrapped lightly while your hand holds the paw. Hold your dog under your armpits to maintain the same position.

If you notice your dog is frightened, talk to him and keep pampering him while the other person is trimming the nails. You can also choose to give him a treat to praise him.

You should also maintain the other arm around the tummy to stop him when he wants to fight back. This way, it is easy for you to put the right amount of pressure and lift the dog before he scratches.

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Laying Down

If the standard hold is not comfortable for your dog, it can be tough to clip the nails. You can try laying your dog down since most dogs will not fight or run away when they lay down.

In this method, keep your arm near the dog’s head while placing it over his neck. Do this while you are behind the dog, put your elbow towards the head and hold the leg right away. You should ensure your second arm is at the top of the back, just between the hips and the tummy, so that you can hold the bottom leg.

At this point, you can hold your dog without necessarily applying pressure. When the dog is calm, you can go ahead and trim the nails. If your dog struggles, you can control his head quickly with your elbow and arm.

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Additional Tips When Restraining A Large Dog

It is important to note that any dog can bite regardless of how friendly it is. If a dog is uncomfortable, hurt, or stressed, it can bit. For a successful nail trimming process, it is great to make your dog restrain sensation before actually trimming the nails.

Once in a while, restrain your dog even when you are not clipping the nails. When it behaves well, go ahead and give it a treat. Doing this will make your dog calm when you are clipping the nails.

If your large dog is tough to handle, you can always seek a helping hand. Two people can make the clipping process easier and faster. Additionally, don’t be too violent with your dog when restraining because he will only struggle to move. Always be gentle while taking control of everything.

Final Words

Clipping your dog’s nails is important because it comes with many benefits. Sometimes, clipping the nails of larger dogs can be tough, requiring you to learn some restraint techniques. However, you don’t always need to restrain your large dog. It is crucial to know your dog’s behavior and make the right decision. I hope you have understood some restrain techniques you can use if you want to clip the nails of a larger dog.

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