3 Benefits Of Owning A Dog Treadmill

Training your dog is essential to keep them fit and healthy. With proper exercise, like humans, their entire wellbeing becomes better. If you engage your dog in daily activities, they can work on their reflexes, release mental stress, and keep them in shape.

Going out for a walk with your dog is an easy way to provide them the daily exercise they need, but what if you don’t have enough time for long walks or nearby parks to visit? Your solution to such issues is by using a dog treadmill to ‘walk’ your dog.

dog getting exercise on treadmill

If you live in an urban area and still want to exercise your dog, here are the benefits of owning a dog treadmill that you should check out:

1. Get the same effect as your usual walks

A dog treadmill is an excellent solution if you want to exercise your dog, but you don’t have enough time to take them out for a walk. You can easily use a dog treadmill to keep them active even inside your home. Let them burn off energy while you do some chores or walk, but make sure that you still keep an eye on them!

It’s also a great alternative if you hate the unpredictable weather. There are certain dog breeds, like pugs, who can’t handle the heat. It means that if you live somewhere that becomes too humid or hot, taking your dog out for a walk might not be the best idea. Keep them active yet safe from heat strokes by exercising them at home.

If you live in a place where it rains too much or if the winter season gets brutal, you can’t exactly take out your dog as they may get hypothermia. Some dogs tend to become overweight during this kind of weather and season because they’re just lying around the house. By using a dog treadmill, you can help them trim off the fat and heat themselves safely.

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2. Works better for dogs than a human treadmill

Dogs can be sensitive to noise and vibrations. If you use a treadmill meant for humans, the noise and vibrations it produces can cause mental and emotional stress to your pet pooch. Dog treadmills are generally quieter than most human treadmill brands in the market.

The design of dog treadmills is also different from the ones people use. They have control panels and quick release options that allow you to train your dog more efficiently. Their sizes, such as length and height, are also more fit for dogs. If you have a small dog, a dog treadmill usually has a slow speed option to adjust to their short legs, and it doesn’t have the typically large end caps that can damage and hurt their paws.

Dog treadmills also have better ventilation systems that allow airflow to cool down the equipment. If your dog’s hair is long, you also don’t have to worry about getting caught in the motor as it’s completely enclosed and separate, unlike human treadmills.

happy dog on treadmill

3. Develops your coaching outcomes

If your dog shows behavioral problems because of boredom, then it’s the right time to get them a dog treadmill. Instead of dealing with broken furniture, chewed shoes, aggressiveness, and hyperactivity, you can divert their focus on working out their physical fitness. Dogs tend to become restless if they don’t release their energy, so use a treadmill to make your pooch engage not just their body, but also their mind.

Making them walk on the treadmill can increase their mental stimulation and make them feel happier. You can also improve their obedience level by training them how to get into the treadmill, how to walk it, and how long they should stay on it. If you do this routinely, you increase the chances of them accepting that it’s a part of their routine as well. You can achieve basic training with your dogs without paying for costly training services.

Lastly, hyperactive dogs can have issues with socializing. Their pent up stress and excitement hinder them from playing safely and interacting with others peacefully. If you plan on taking them out to meet up with your family and friends, or other dogs, it’s best to let them walk on the treadmill before the appointment. By doing this, you eliminate their excess energy and allow them to cool down. A relaxed dog will have a better time to adjust to seeing new faces and interacting with their playmates. Ensure that your dog has a positive play experience by decreasing its usual hyperactivity.


Exercise will always be essential for a healthy, active dog. If you can’t fully commit to outdoor activities, allow your dog to relieve their stress by making them train and do activities inside your home. With a dog treadmill, you can keep your dog happy, trained, fit, and healthy in all aspects.

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