3 Plants to Use in Your Pet’s Diet For Treating Digestive Issue

All of us want to do our best for our pets. Like human beings, our pets also fall sick sometimes. If your pet is facing digestive issues, there are a few steps that you can take to help it out. No one likes seeing their pets in discomfort, and we want to ensure that we can help them effectively. Although traditional medicine is effective, it does possess some side effects. To avoid making their pets suffer the side effects of taking medication, some owners instead use herbs. Herbs can be an excellent supplement that you can add to your pets’ diet to help them resolve their digestive issues. Let us look at three such herbs that can help your pet.

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3 Herbs To Use in Your Pet’s Diet for Treating Digestive Issue

There are many different herbs that you can use for treating your pet’s digestive issues. Herbs are an excellent remedy because they are entirely natural, and you can give herbs to your pets conveniently. It is straightforward to incorporate herbs into your pet’s diet. You can easily incorporate herbs into your pet’s diet by using them as a garnish on top of their regular meals. Alternatively, you can also get creative and make unique dishes that contain herbs. If your pet consumes herbs regularly, you will be able to help your pet resolve its digestive issues.

1.    Fennel Seed


Fennel seed serves as a superb anti-gas and antispasmodic agent that you can effortlessly add directly to your pet’s food. Fennel seed will bring symptomatic relief to your pet. Your pet will start experiencing the benefits immediately. This factor is crucial because your pet’s discomfort will subside momentarily while your pet’s veterinarian tries to figure out what is going on. If your pet accidentally eats some foods that cause gastric distress, fennel seed will help resolve the issue.

You can conveniently make cooled Fennel seed tea for your pet. The dosage of Fennel seed will depend on your pet’s body weight, so you need to ensure that you select an appropriate dosage. If you notice that your pet does not like the taste of Fennel seed tea, you can dilute it by adding water. Fennel seed also contains high levels of Vitamins A and C, calcium, potassium, and iron. Due to the properties of fennel seed,  it is a perfect solution for pets with chronic indigestion. Fennel seed is also effective in increasing appetite. It further minimizes belching, and it freshens the breath.

2.    Ginger


Ginger is also highly effective in combating digestive issues for pets. Ginger is one of the more popular herbs that can help tackle digestive issues. According to numerous studies, ginger is effective in reducing gas and soothing cramps. Ginger also promotes the production of various enzymes in the gut. These enzymes, along with additional bile, improve the breakdown of fats. Ginger is also excellent when it comes to treating nausea and motion sickness. You can give your pets a liquid herbal extract of ginger, but it also works if you get it to your pets in its natural form. You can grate ginger and put it on top of your pet’s food. You can also give your pets fennel seed and ginger in combination. In addition, you can also combine some other herbs that could enhance the taste and benefits for your pets.

3.    CBD

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Another excellent herbal remedy that you can try is weed.  One of the most popular forms of giving weed to your pets is by administering CBD. Giving your pets CBD allows them to experience all the benefits of the marijuana and cannabis plants without facing any unwanted adverse consequences. CBD products like CBN and CBD oil for sleep do not contain any THC. Therefore, your pets will not get high from consuming CBD products. CBD is an excellent herbal remedy that will help your pets address their digestive issues. Not only will your pets get assistance with resolving digestive problems, but their overall quality of life will also improve drastically. Weed has the potential to cure many physical and mental ailments. If your pets are in physical discomfort, you can give them weed in the form of CBD to help them out. CBD interacts directly with the body’s pain receptors, so your pet will be able to experience the relief instantaneously.

Weed can also stimulate your pet’s appetite. If your pet faces anxiety due to its digestive issues, weed will also help address those issues. Your pet will feel much calmer, and your pet will no longer experience physical or mental discomfort. The superb quality of weed is that it is straightforward to administer to your pets. You can quickly get some CBD oil for pets online. You can give CBD oil to your pets directly, or you can mix it with foods or beverages of their choice. Some pets do not like the raw taste of CBD, so you may have to get creative. You can also make CBD treats at home using CBD oil or other weed products.

What is the Ideal Dosage of Herbs for Your Pet?

There is no prescribed or recommended dosage that is universally applicable to every pet for herbal remedies. Your pet’s dosage of herbal remedies will depend significantly on a few factors. For example, your pet’s height, weight, species, and severity of its condition are all relevant considerations when determining the ideal dosage. Therefore, you should consult with your pet’s veterinarian. This consultation will help you understand the full implications of giving herbal remedies to your pets. Your pet’s veterinarian will help you figure out what your pet’s ideal dosage of herbal remedies should be. There is a vital need to be cautious when determining the perfect dosage for your pet. Too much of any treatment can be harmful, so make sure that you do not give more dosage than necessary to your pets. Ideally, start with a lower dosage and work your way up after assessing the impact of herbs on your pet. Always purchase the highest quality of herbs to minimize the risks and maximize the benefits for your pets.


Every pet reacts differently to different herbs. Therefore, not every solution needs to work for your pet. However, it would be best to keep trying other herbal solutions because they are an excellent remedy. The superb quality of herbs is that they are natural. Therefore, there are no known side effects that your pets will experience. Herbs can drastically improve the overall quality of your pet’s life in addition to addressing digestive issues. You can conveniently find many exciting recipes online that you can try. Using a combination of different herbal remedies can have an incredible impact on your pet’s overall health and well-being.

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