5 Interesting Things You Didn’t Know About Golden Retrievers

Author: Allen Brown

When it comes to owning a pet dog, many people choose to have a Golden retriever. This breed is known for being very friendly, smart, and loyal. They are easy to train as they learn very quickly. However, there are some things you don’t know about Golden Retrievers. Here are 5 lesser-known facts about this loved breed.

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They Have A History

Yes, they do! This breed actually originated in the mid-1850s and was initially bred by Scotsmen. Though breeders like Uptown Puppies, breed these pups to be loyal and friendly members of the family, they were actually bred in the past for hunting. When the Scottish people went hunting, they would take along their Golden retrievers to get the hunted bird from land or water. These dogs are fast to follow orders and can easily swim. It was only by 1920 that this breed was actually recognized and classified as Golden retrievers from being just hunting dogs. They were actually presented to the Elite family of the UK’s crystal palace in 1908 for their keen retrieval abilities when they went hunting with their owners.

They Come In More Than One Type

There are actually three types of Golden Retrievers. As they became more popular as being house dogs, regional differences rose in their breed type. The British Golden Retrievers are muscular with light golden coat color and full round eyes. The American breed of the same are slimmer and have a dark golden shade of coat. The Canadian type is very lean and has a short hair coat. So if you are looking to own a Golden Retriever you will be able to choose them from three colors .i.e. Light golden, dark golden, and golden itself. Though the differences are their coat color and body type, it is usually very subtle. You must check with the breeder to understand which type of dog you would like to take from them.

They Have A Really Soft Mouth

As discussed above, the Golden Retriever was actually bred by huntsman to fetch their game wherever it fell. The soft mouth of the Retriever ensures that they could retrieve the game of their owner without damaging it. The fetched goods would have no bite marks due to their baby-soft mouth. Today, their soft mouth is known to be able to carry any object without damaging it. It is often said that the retriever’s mouth is so soft that they can carry an egg in it without cracking it. Along with some other friendly dog breeds, Golden Retrievers make great playmates for children as there is no fear of the dog biting them and causing any danger.

They Are Known For Being Heroic

Golden Retrievers are now trained by the law enforcement authorities as they are excellent sniffers. They are known to qualify as top-notch for searching places or people and are also known for being rescuers. They are very obedient and have a lot of energy. There are many examples of how this breed has helped during mass casualties and natural disasters as they help to track missing people. They are also used for guide dogs as they have a deep need to please their owners. They are careful as guide dogs and make sure their owners are taken care of. These traits are also some of the reasons that this breed is a popular choice for being used in movies. They are easily trained and give consistent performances.

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They Are Wonderful Family Pets

The Golden Retriever is a pack breed and that is not limited to being loyal to other dogs of the same breed but also towards their adopted family. They are so eager to please their human family members that their friendship has time and again made headlines with many people. They are forgiving and very rarely retaliate in an aggressive manner.

You Will Still Need To Give Your Attention

Loving, caring, and loyal Golden Retrievers are still dogs who will need your attention and care. Just because it is easy to train them, it doesn’t mean that you can ignore them and give them little training. Treat them well and look after their needs because when you do so, you will have a loyal friend by your side for a long time.

Along with giving them a balanced diet and loving atmosphere at home, there is very little this breed needs from you. No matter which dog breed you have, a Golden Retriever or a Cockapoo, you must make sure you take it to the vet regularly. The vet can help you detect any problems your dog may have in the initial stage.

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