5 Signs That Prove You Are Obsessed With Your Dog

Very few bonds are as strong as a bond you share with your pup.

And we think is quite alright to be completely smitten by your pooch and treat them like a king/queen.

Be it with handmade treats or a dog spa, it is totally acceptable to pamper and spoil your pupper to your heart’s content.

At this point, you don’t mind if your dog takes up most of the bed or that your dog’s hair is in every piece of your clothing.

You have adjusted your life around their schedule and you subconsciously prioritize their needs before yours.

And the feeling of being received by your four-legged ball of fur every day is unmatched, no one, I mean no one can make you feel as welcomed and loved as your pooch.

woman holding puppy

Your dog isn’t just a pet, he is your best friend, your therapist, your playmate, your cheerleader, and ultimately your family.

This godsend, cuteness-filled creatures are a little too easy to be obsessed over, but really how can you not, with all that unconditional friendship they give us, the pure and genuine love they bring in our life!

How can one not be utterly obsessed with them?

But that is not something we are here to dwell on now, are we?

You are here to find out how deeply obsessed you are with your beloved pupper/s.

So, here are a few signs that will tell you just how obsessed you are with your doggo.

  1. Not only your phone but also your walls are filled with your pooch. (And undeniably your heart too!)

You are always ready to take a photo of your dog no matter where you are.

Even when they are doing nothing, absolutely nothing, like when they are sleeping.

And, of course, share it with your friends (and people you might have just met) because everybody needs some cuteness in their life.

You include your pooch in all your family portraits and even go as far as getting him professionally photographed.

Take your obsession love to another level by getting your pooch’s favorite photo painted.

The problem here is that you might have a hard time selecting photos you want to get painted and in my opinion that is an excellent problem to have.

Painting a portrait is a great way to not only display your dog’s personality and but also to personalize your space.

But you may wonder, why paintings? And why not just photos?

Paintings last forever and have a way to bring the image to life. They do not fade over time like photos.

Paintings are more profound as well as subtle than photography. They capture the true essence of the image and allow you to customize it as per your needs.

And also, you don’t have to go to lengths to get your dog portrait, not with PortraitFlip. Here, all you need to do is upload the photo/s, select your customizations and wait for your handmade painting to be delivered to you.

dog portrait

  1. You have Cancelled plans to Hang Out with your Dog

Do you find yourself canceling on your human friends to hang out with your doggos?

Do you find yourself rushing home from your work/appointment worried about your dog being alone?

Then my dear friend you may be a case of obsessive canine disorder.

But you are not alone here, like I said before, it is not hard to be utterly obsessed with dogs.

Besides, there is something about coming home to your dogs and curling up with them, and seeing your favorite movie. (Also, you don’t even have to share your Netflix, it’s a win-win)

Has your social life changed because of your pooch?

pekingese dog

  1. You Throw Parties For Your Dog

If you know your dog’s birthday and you celebrate it by spoiling the heck out of your doggo and throwing parties with his favorite Hoomans and doggo friends then yes, you indeed are obsessed with your floof.

And chances are you are not even half as excited for your own birthday as you are for your dog’s birthday.

  1. Your dog’s food is better than yours

You make sure that your pooch eats only the best of the best food.

His diet is full of organic, fresh, and high-quality fruits, veggies, and meat, you even bake him the best treats because you don’t want him eating anything with preservatives.

At this point, you know more dog food recipes than human food.

After all, you need to make sure that he has all the energy he needs to run around in the dog park and chase his tail.

organic dog food

  1. You spend more on your pet than on yourself.

And lastly, you end up spending more on your pet than yourself.

Be it his grooming sessions, food, toy, clothes, vacation, sitter, etc. everything he needs (and doesn’t) has to be of the best quality.

And besides, you don’t even mind spending so much on your dog because seeing him happy and spoilt makes you feel happy and content.

After all, they are the ones that make us get out of bed every day, make us feel better with their cuddles, kisses, and licks when we feel sad or down.

They give us so much and more so it’s only fair that we put their needs and wants at importance.

So, my dear dog maw and paw, don’t question yourself before you spoil and pamper them. They deserve it!

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