How to Dry Your Dog’s Fur –  -The easiest way to do it yourself

Author: Allen Brown

Bathing your furry friend is an important part of caring for him. Of course, the first thing a dog wants to do after getting wet is shaking itself dry. However, other methods can prove to be effective as well. Here are some ways to dry your dog’s fur.

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Air Dry

Typically, you want to use dog grooming dryers to help get your dog back to normal. However, if your dog has sensitive skin or really short hair, then air drying is fine. The thing is you might need to put a towel over the dog for a bit to help the process go by a lot smoother.

Not to mention, dogs with tons of fur should not air dry because the fur will matte. Also, it may leave them with a bad smell because fungus can set in their paws and armpits. Just know the type of dog you have and how its fur grows.

That’ll best determine whether air drying is the smart choice.

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Use a Hairdryer

Yes, a hairdryer is safe to use on your dog. However, you want to make sure you use it in the lowest heat setting to help keep your dog from feeling uncomfortable. You want to point the dryer in at a slight angle to go with the grain and see where the hair naturally lays.

Also, move it back and forth so that you don’t irritate the skin too much by all of that heat in one spot. Make sure to keep the dryer away from his face and just keep moving it around until the dog’s fur is completely dry. Some dogs may get frightened by the sound of a hairdryer, so you can always use a towel as an alternative.

Dog Resting

Dry With Towels

It’s always good to have multiple towels on deck to help you dry your dog off after a nice bath. You can take your largest towel and wrap it around the dog to help soak up the water. Use a smaller towel to wipe the face, paws, and neck carefully.

You can also use another big towel to get to the dog’s body and remove excess water. Some owners prefer to use special dog towels to help make the process quicker. Remember, the time it takes your dog to dry depends on its coat and breed. It’s important to dry groom your dog carefully to avoid infections.

With a little patience and know-how, you should be able to dry your dog’s fur in no time.

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