What are the Healthiest Dog Treats To Feed Your Pooch?

Dogs are companions for life. Isn’t it? That’s why dog owners are doing everything to make them comfortable. Besides playing, cuddling, and grooming, the owners are particularly paying attention to dog food now.

Surprisingly, treats are the fastest-growing segment in the pet food category. Primarily, it’s because they demonstrate pet owners’ emotional involvement with their pets. But that’s not the only reason!

For starters, it’s impossible to be there at all times since pet owners have social and work demands that often cause long separations. Further, enforcing good behavior during training is very challenging during the initial days. In such situations, these treats make up for the lousy start or encourage dogs to do the task.

With so many benefits, dog owners must choose the healthiest treats to feed their pooch. This article will brush upon every aspect of dog treats to help you find the suitable feed for your furry friend.

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Dog Treats- What to steer clear of?

As per the American Feed Control Officials, many products available in the market are rendered products that contain unglamorized parts. As a result, these treats have lower nutritional quality and can also be a source of toxins that can make your dog sick.

Besides that, you must also stay away from products that contain artificial preservatives and coloring. For instance, BHA, BHT, ethoxyquin can cause immune deficiencies, kidney failure, or cancer.

Further, food containing propylene glycol further can cause toxicity issues in your dogs. And lastly, stay clear of too much corn or rice. They might act as fillers. But if given in large quantities, it might result in bloating, gas, or diarrhea problems.

This is why you must always opt for natural/ healthy treats!

Benefits of natural and healthy dog treats

Choosing natural or healthy dog treats is suitable for your pooch’s stomach or gut health. This is because these options contain a lot of fiber that makes digestion easier for your dog. Moreover, these healthy treats for your dog don’t have any additives thus helping you to avoid any allergies in your dog.

Further, they are a good source of amino acids and other vital ingredients, thus aiding in the proper functioning of the body and brain. Moreover, if you opt for dog chews, it will also accentuate dental health care. It’s because chewing helps to scrape off plaque or any build-up in your dog’s teeth.

For instance, you can opt for freeze-dried or jerky treats, animal bones or hooves, and chewable treats. But figuring out your dog’s daily limit is the best way to avoid getting carried away. For example, go for fewer treats for smaller dogs and accordingly increase the portion size for a larger breed.

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Wrapping up

Pet parents must consider these treats as unique. So, what matters is that you control the portion size to avoid any weight issues, especially if your dog is on the heavier side. And ensure that you always opt for natural treats at all times. Only then can you extract the health benefits of dog treats.

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