What Makes Dog Camera Treat Dispensers so Incredible

Imagine a modified baby monitor – but for your dog. A dog camera treat dispenser at your disposal lets you bid farewell to separation anxiety and give your four-legged buddy a little love from afar.

Although treat dispensing dog toys can never replace the in-person attention your fluffball deserves, they are an excellent tool to keep tabs on your dog remotely. Since it’s impossible to take your dog wherever you go (as heartbreaking as it may be), this ingenious treat-slinger can keep you and your dog happier while you are away.

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Why should you get your hands on a dog camera treat dispenser ASAP?

1)  Two-way communication

Most dog camera treat dispensers come with the feature of two-way communication. Not only can you keep an eye on your pooch and see what mischief he is up to, but you can also send him some calming words if he gets restless or starts missing you too much.

Some expensive models also harbor video features so your dog can see your face on a screen when you talk to him. Camera treat dispensers either come with an adjustable stand or they can be hung on a wall, so you can position it at your dog’s eye level or slightly above.

The camera angle and resolution are model-specific, but you can find a large number of options with HD, ultra HD, and even 4k resolution.

2)  Train your companion

Your dog’s training doesn’t have to stop if you are away. You can use the microphone to scold your pup if he’s chewing on the furniture and give basic commands like sit, stay, and rollover. And when he behaves like a good boy and listens, you fling some treats his way – all thanks to a dog camera treat dispenser.

3)  Keep an eye on your sick dog

A lot of pet camera treat dispensers allow you to rotate and zoom the camera view. So you can track your dog throughout the house and lift his spirits by giving him a chance to see your face and hear your voice when he’s feeling under the weather.

4)  Automated treat dispensing

Instead of having the anxiety to check your phone every second, you can set a time interval to automatically sling treats. This ensures your pooch gets his fair share of goodies for being the best good boy there is.

5)  Motion and noise alerts – keep your dog safe

If your dog is distressed and starts frantically barking, or gets a little too jumpy, the dog camera treat dispenser will send you alerts on your phone thanks to its built-in motion and noise sensors. This can serve as a reminder to investigate and make sure your buddy is safe, and potentially save him from a fire or a gas leak.

6)  Keep your pooch entertained

Some dog camera treat dispensers let you control with the flick of your finger the force with which treats are flung. So you can play with your dog during office breaks or when you are on the bus and keep his separation anxiety at bay and break the daily monotony.

Some models also have remote-controlled games (for instance, a laser game), which will keep your furball from getting bored and get his tail wagging in no time. There are various other ways to bamboozle your dog with a dog camera up to your sleeve; just let your imagination run free.

7)  Night vision

If you are a night person and regularly go out to chill and party, dog camera treat dispensers are essential for you and your dog. Most pet cameras have both day and night vision; this added feature can help you keep an eye on your mutt even in a low light setting.

The video quality will obviously be not as good. However, you can still see a couple of meters in front of the camera in grainy resolution.

8)  Memory storage

Like all CCTV systems, dog camera treat dispensers also record and store the video they capture. The storage size is brand and model specific, but all of them either have a flash drive, SD card, or cloud storage. This means you can rewind, rewatch and share the funny tidbits with your friends and family.

Of course, you don’t need a treat-dispensing dog camera to accomplish this job. This is an added reason why you should arm yourself with a camera treat dispenser and see what hilarious nonsense your pooch is up to when he thinks you aren’t looking.

9)  Password protection and network encryption

Like all other CCTV systems, dog camera treat dispensers are also susceptible to hacking. You can negate this risk and protect your privacy by going for a dog camera that has security features like password protection, QR linking, two-factor authentication, and network encryption. Do not forget to regularly install the security updates that are released by the pet camera company to refresh the security measures.

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Are pet cameras worth the investment?

For sure. Although, if you go for an advanced camera treat dispenser, they can be a little heavy on your wallet. But the peace of mind they offer is invaluable to many, especially for those who have a mischievous canine or someone who recently got a new dog that gets stressed out when he’s home alone. Moreover, this one-time investment on a treat dispenser will eventually be balanced out by the dollars you save by not having to hire a pet sitter

Dog camera treat dispensers will keep your pup safer. Especially if your dog is old, suffering from a health condition, or a known troublemaker. Almost all of the pet cameras today come with an accompanying app, and many of them are even compatible with home tech devices like Alexa.

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